Obstacle Race Training Book:


Obstacle Race Training BookObstacle Race Training: How to Beat any Course, Compete Like a Champion, and Change Your Life


Margaret Schlachter put together this simple guide to make your obstacle race experience everything it’s supposed to be—a test of your true self.

She describes first-hand her personal training methods in learning to climb a rope, scale a wall, flip a tire, throw a spear, and carry a sandbag. More importantly, she provides guidance on how to get yourself mentally and spiritually prepared for the big day—and how to dig deep within yourself during a race to find the last ounce of strength to carry you across that finish line.

Obstacle Race Training is an Amazon Best Seller in several categories. Thousands of copies have been sold since publication in 2014.  Order from Amazon or request your local bookseller to order a copy.


Advanced Praise

“Margaret was with us at our first Spartan Race where very few women competed, she paved the way for 150,000 women to become Spartans—she is the Amelia Earhart of Spartan Obstacle Racing!”—Joe Desena, Founder of Spartan Race


“Margaret’s passion and enthusiasm for obstacle racing combine with her knowledge and experience to make her the perfect athlete to write this book. Well-rounded and talented, Margaret has broken ground in a sport that others failed to take seriously. This is the beginning of something exciting. There is no doubt in my mind that someday we will be hailing Margaret as the mother of OCR competitive racing, a first of her kind.”—Vanessa Runs, author of Summit Seeker and Blogger at


“In Obstacle Race Training, Margaret gives us everything we need to know about OCR, plus the inspiration to get started and keep going. From the practical aspects of training, through finding balance in your life, this book is a must-read for the seasoned and newbie alike.” — Mina Samuels, author of Run Like a Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives


“Margaret Schlachter does a terrific job giftwrapping the entire realm of obstacle racing and mud-running in a quick, enjoyable read. This book is perfect for anyone looking to learn about the sport, understand the differences among many seemingly similar yet very different events, and build 100% of the confidence they need to know that their event is the event they were born to run.” — Joe DiStefano, Founder, Spartan Coaching


“Obstacle Racing—see it, feel it, live it through the eyes, mind, and soul of one of the sports pioneers” —Born To Run coach Eric Orton, author of The Cool Impossible



Mud Run Guide: The book provides so much information in every area that I think it needs to be a required read for any new racer that joins the ranks. Full Review


Relentless Forward Commotion: Obstacle Race Training covers just about everything you could ever need to know about the sport of OCR, from its roots and history, to detailed explanation of various races and their specific obstacles, how to choose a race, and of course how to train and prepare, both physically and mentally, for a race. Full Review


Muddy Mommy: The book is engaging, relatable, educational, and provides great insight into the realm of all things obstacle racing.  If this book doesn’t convince you to sign up for an OCR the moment you set it down, then nothing will! Full Review


Colorado Obstacle Racers:  From the history, to explaining the difference between mud runs and obstacle races, to getting through the first race, everything is in one spot (no links needed) when you or your friends are looking for advice on their first event. Full Review


Breaking Muscle: Overall this is a great primer for how to tackle not just your first event, but how to continue on if you enjoy the sport and want to take it more seriously. Full Review

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Obstacle Race Training: How to Beat Any Course, Compete Like a Champion and Change Your Life