Dirt in Your Skirt Summer 100 Challenge:


We are taking the idea of the traditional 100 mile race and totally changing it up. A 100 miles seems like a crazy distance to most to complete but instead of the 32-36 hours that most ultras give you we are challenging you to complete the 100 miles over the entire summer. We want to make sure you get those miles in this summer and help you set new goals.


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The Dirt in Your Skirt Summer 100 Challenge. We are challenging people to run 100 miles between June 1, 2014 and Labor Day (Sept. 1, 2014), or a little more than a mile a day this summer. Keep track of your miles through Daily Mile, Strava, Garmin, Nike+ or any other app. and report each week you results. For some running a 100 miles might take a day, week, or month, while others will spend the summer reaching this goal. We challenge you to set new goals and keep yourself motivated this summer!


For the challenge you will receive a DIYS Summer 100 Award for completing your challenge. Awards are shipped at the end of August just before the challenge ends.


Registration: $30.00

Registration Date Closes: June 1, 2014


How to Report Your Miles?

The Challenge officially begins June 1, 2014 and ends September 1, 2014. During that time you can log your miles using your favorite app, or simply do it the old fashioned way in a training journal, on your calendar, or keep a tally on the fridge! At the end of each week report on our Facebook Page ( how many miles total you have already completed in the challenge. You can share your weekly total or manually add the miles together.

The day you complete your 100 miles report it on our Facebook Page or email us and your name will be added to the finishers list on this page with date completed.

Do I have to run the whole thing?

The goal is to run the 100 miles but depending on your fitness level and terrain you train on your miles might consist of only running, or a mix of jogging, hiking and walking. These are all FINE the goal is to put the miles on your feet this summer (or winter for our Aussie friends). This is not about how fast you can run but about accomplishing a goal!

When Do I Get My Award?

All buckles will be sent near the end of the challenge, we anticipate to send them out mid-late August. Whether you finish in the first week or on the last day all the muckles will be sent out at the same time.



Kat Richardson July 4

Name Date Completed
Joel Jenkins June 14
Reina Jenkins June 14
Charlene Howard June 15
Ruthie Hazlett June 17
Angelina Deans June 22
Gina Imperato June 28
Mykie Morneweck June 28
Moira Dargis June 28
Neela Woodard June 29
Debi Wertman June 29
Crystal Combs June 30
Casii Dodd June 30
Rosa Peterson July 4
Margie Eastwood July 6
Michelle McCullough July 6
Julie DuPlessis July 6
Laura-Lea McKay July 6
Judi Makulec July 7
Kimberly Kendra July 10
Shawn Gillespie July 11
Katy M July 12
Dale Marshall July 12
Dawn Palfi July 13
Vanessa Mitchell July 13
Amanda Zonghi July 14
Melissa Simril July 14
Linda Thomas July 15
Kathleen McLean July 16
Tracy Jefferson July 17
Melanie Lyons July 20
Alison Walker July 20
Pam Crider July 21
Margaret Szmek July 21
Valerie Lores July 24
Laura Meltzer July 25
Katharine Mieszkowski July 26
Megan Ulmer July 26
Kristi Frost July 26
Stormy Hegg July 28
Stacey Lowe August 3
Heidi Boucher August 5
Tabatha Van Wagoner August 5
Heidi Frost August 5
Laura Steeves August 6
Gloria Castorena August 8
Cassidy Watts August 9
Seana Latham August 9
Ashley Emala August 9
Ankur Chatterjee August 9
Jill Mersereau August 9
Debra Nutting August 9
Marianna August 10
Melanie Harris August 10
Karenina Sidney August 11
Bethany Chatterjee August 11
Laralee Graham August 12
Dena Taylor August 14
Jessica Maglisco August 15
Derek Reijo August 16
Valerie Leitko August 17
Nicole Kojetin August 17
Cynthia Trujillo August 17
Melissa Neeriemer August 18
Veronica White August 18
Sherrie Jones August 18
Misty Currie August 19
Kiley Lapointe August 19
Michelle “AssDip” Vause August 20
Reagan Jackman August 20
Carolien Wesseling August 21
Nicole Dickson August 22
Beth Yeomans August 23
Kandice Gignac August 23
Jennifer Carper August 23
Melissa Matheis August 23
Heather Rockwood August 24
Jennifer Gallop August 24
Karen Stephens August 24
Michelle Collinsworth August 25
Heather DeToma August 25
Kami Mecham August 25
Nicole Dasilva August 26
Angela Johnson August 26
Tracey Jefferson August 26
Ronie Walters August 27
Caro Curlette August 27
Tess Vaughan August 28
Stephanie Sloan August 29
Paul Loscocco August 29
Pam Seiley August 29
Regina Pearson August 30
Shauna King August 30
Emily Leach August 30
Elizabeth Mendez August 31
Allie Smith August 31
Anna Tarasova August 31
Rebecca González-Kreisberg August 31
Rachel Jaffe August 31
Kelsey Cameron September 1
Amy Johnson September 1
Theresa Perks September 1
Katrina Gerber September 1
Kate Watling September 1
Chris Dixon September 1
Nicole Lewis September 2
Chastity Seliga September 2