Product Review: Litchi Portable Mini Handheld Espresso Maker


Recently at Outdoor Retailers here in Salt Lake City, I saw for the first time a Portable mini espresso maker. It was like love at first sight! I love coffee, I love espresso, but I live in a small house so getting a big espresso machine is just not an option. So when I saw a handheld version I could make a shot or two on demand it was like the heavens shined directly on me that day.

I got home and looked up the one I saw at the show and in the process of browsing Amazon, I found a similar maker from a company called Litchi at a much more affordable price with some great reviews. So after a few minutes debating I decided to order the Litchi (at the time it was about $35.00 on Amazon).

About the Litchi Portable Espresso Maker

The machine itself is a lightweight, BPA-free plastic. It is only offered with a pink band on it and currently doesn’t come in any other colors. Honestly, the color was not a factor.

To make fresh and good espresso first grind up fresh beans. I personally love the Mistobox which if you listen to the podcast you hear me talk about it all the time. Trust me a fresh coffee makes a difference and my house nearly every morning smells like a coffee shop. But back to the Litchi Portable Espresso Maker.


It’s simple to use as you can see in the video. The product breaks into a couple parts and a few twists puts it back together. Once you grind your coffee and pack it into the filter basket you attach it to the center part. Fill hot water in the water tank and click it into the main body, then pump about 10 -15 times for a single shot and about 25 times for a double espresso. Simple as that.

Cleaning it is just about as easy and with some warm soapy water, you can clean the whole thing in a few minutes. Currently, the device is for sale on the company website and Amazon from between $44.00 – $50.00. While the price might be high for some for the constant traveler or camper this can be an awesome addition to your gear. If you are like me it’s a good alternative for small space living.


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