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Why Groove Life Wedding Band is My Only Wedding Ring

Posted on June 4, 2018 by Margaret Schlachter

Photo Credit: Ali Kaukas

Recently, a friend who writes for Forbes wrote about a new trend in wedding bands among the outdoor types. Those rings are silicone wedding bands, many people (myself included) are ditching traditional wedding bands for something much more practical and cheaper.


As I am someone who is constantly traveling, gardening, and doing other outdoor activities a fancy wedding band just doesn’t fit my lifestyle. My husband spends all of his time outside so those traditional rings just do not fit our lives.


Before we got married we chatted about rings and quickly decided a men’s silicone wedding ring and a women’s silicone wedding ring would be the best options for our lives. The question then became which company as the silicon outdoor ring market has been exploding in the past few years.


Groove Life Introduction

I was first introduced to Groove Life by a friend at Outdoor Retailer a few years ago. I got to meet Peter Goodwin, an Alaskan Guide, Pilot, and the founder of Groove Life. Silicone rings had been making their way into the outdoor industry for a couple years and I had already tested the QALO ring, which is highly popular but not as comfortable.

However, after chatting Peter and trying on Groove I was sold. I quickly swapped my wooden engagement ring for a Groove Life silicone ring to put the ring into real-life situations. I wore the ring on my trip to Bermuda for Mud Run Guide and tested it at World’s Toughest Mudder.


The best part about Groove Rings is the lifetime guarantee which even covers losing your ring. Like if for some reason I take it off on top of a mountain and it disappears Groove will replace my lost ring. If it snags on a fish hook or something, Groove will replace it. This put my mind at ease.


My Wedding Ring

When it came to ordering rings for our wedding, I was able to pick a ring out that matched “our color” buffalo check plaid. Leave it to me to have a plaid wedding and make no apologies for it.

Photo Credit: Ali Kaukas

Lucky for us, Groove had just come out with a black and red ring. I ordered a set, one for me and one for my husband and for less than $80.00 we had matching wedding bands that will last a lifetime (or be replaced under the lifetime guarantee).

Photo Credit: Ali Kaukas

While some thought it was a little weird our wedding rings were made of silicone, they fit our lifestyle perfectly and most importantly are comfortable. Whether we are trail running, gardening, fishing, washing dishes, cleaning pond filters, mountain biking, camping, obstacle racing, adventure racing, or any of the other activities we find ourselves doing, the one thing we have is ease of mind with our rings.

Photo Credit: Ali Kaukas

While most people will probably opt for a silicone ring to be an addition to a traditional wedding band more and more outdoor enthusiasts are skipping the expensive rings. Those rings that don’t fit their lifestyle. Instead, choosing something practical and comfortable that you never have to worry about.

Nearly a year into my marriage and I still love the fact we picked Groove Life rings for our wedding bands. I love the band and almost forget I am wearing it these days. Friends who have been married for years say after a while the band just becomes part of you.


Working with Groove Life

I recently reached out to Groove Life about working with them as an affiliate and sharing the message of the ring I literally wear every day! They were not only excited to work together but for Dirt in Your Skirt created a special discount.

Photo Credit: Ali Kaukas

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