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Review: Sufferfest Beer Company

Posted on May 24, 2018 by Margaret Schlachter

If you are in the trail running or obstacle racing space you have probably seen top athletes celebrating the end of a run or race with a cold Sufferfest Beer. With athletes like Amelia Boone and Cat Bradley supporting the beer company, I wanted to learn more.

Amelia helped connect me with Caitlin Landesberg, the Founder and CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company for a podcast interview. However, once we got talking I knew it was a beer I wanted to try! Magically, I was able to get some in Utah and give it a try for myself.

I love beer, but my stomach does not always love gluten. I can eat it a little at a time but my body definitely prefers I stay away from gluten. I have to admit when I found about about Sufferfest Beer I had no idea it was gluten removed. It was not until just before Caitlin and I started to chat I realized the beer had the gluten removed by an enzyme in the fermentation process.

The practice is actually really old and something that is just reemerging in the beer market today. Caitlin worked with scientists at UC Davis to come up with the correct enzyme and amount to eat away at the gluten leaving a beer that tastes identical to any gluten-full beer but without with barely any trace amounts of gluten left.


What About the Taste?

That was the first question I had when I got my hands on the Pilsner, Blonde, and IPA. Out of the three I would have to say the Blonde and the IPA have been my favorites although the Pilsner is the one that has won the most awards.

As I don’t normally write about beers my experience is based on what tastes good to me. The Blonde is my favorite after a long run and the IPA is my favorite after spending the day gardening or tearing down a ramp in the backyard. Even at a family BBQ Sufferfest Beer was my goto and I even convinced a brother-in-law who is a beer snob to try a can and he couldn’t tell the difference between Gluten Removed and his beer he brought along for the BBQ. Another win for Sufferfest.



I can say having a cold beer on ice after a recent run fish run adventure. (We trail run/hike up to an alpine lake, then fish for a couple hours, then run back down to the truck with fish in hand and swap the fish for the beer at the cooler). Trust me it takes fishing to the next level and having a Sufferfest Beer at the bottom is definitely a great reward and well-earned beer.


Newest Offering – FKT

The newest offering from Sufferfest Beer Company was just released yesterday called FKT. We talk a bit about it in the podcast with Caitlin. I can’t comment on the taste as I have yet to have a chance to try it but will be finding a way to get home over here to Utah or on my next trip to Colorado or California!

Additionally, they just came out with Repeat which is a lighter beer with Bee Pollan. To find out more about Sufferfest Beer and how you can get your hands on one, check out the Sufferfest Beer Company website.

Listen to my interview with Caitlin on your favorite player!

Episode 104 – Caitlin Landesberg