Dirt in Your Skirt Ambassador Application - 2013                        
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Athletic Resume (attach / e-mail resume if available)                        
Competitive Events:     Obstacle Course      Ultrarunning     Trail Running     Triathlon                            
(check all that apply)     Racing                                                                          
                              CrossFit   Road Running     Cycling                                
2012 Results                                                                                              
Event Name Distance Date Result                        
Your Schedule for Next Year (2013)                        
Event Name Distance Date Goal                        
Why Dirt in Your Skirt?                        
Please give a brief summary of why you are seekingto become a Dirt in Your Skirt Ambassador.                        
Why would you be a good ambassador for Dirt in Your Skirt (other than race results)?                        
Dirt in Your Skirt Ambassador Application - 2013                        
Blog Posts                        
                                  What is your favorite Dirt in Your Skirt Blog Post?                                                                
                  Post Name                            
Why is it your favorite?                                                              
                                    Shirt (race top):   Jacket:                                
                                    Run bra:   Pant/short                                
Other Sponsorships                        
Company Since When? Still Active? Products                        
                              How would you promote Dirt in Your Skirt products?                                                                    
Wear team clothing at races (before/after):       Blogging on team website (new site roll out 2013- expected)                              
Wear team clothing while racing (expected):       Provide product reviews & feedback for Dirt in Your Skirt:                              
Talk positively with public about Dirt in Your Skirt:       E-mail contact with team manager (expected):                              
Provide public appearances at races/events/clinics:       Provide bio and pictures for team website (expected):                              
Any other fun, interesting or weird facts about you, that may give you an edge on our Dirt in Your Skirt Ambassador Program or that you feel I/the world should know about you.                        
Giving Back                         
          If you were a Dirt in Your Skirt Ambassador how would you give back to the community?                                       
          What are your biggest goals of 2013 and why?                                                             
Dirt in Your Skirt's Ambassador Timeline                        
Dirt in Your Skirt accepts requests for ambassadorship throughout the year however our application deadline for the upcoming year (2013) is January 20, 2013. This application being submitted for consideration is for the January 2013 - December 2013 time period. During our review process we may also contact you for more information before answering your request by mid January. Thanks for applying. We treat every application as a compliment and truly appreciate your feedback on this process as well as everything we do at Dirt in Your Skirt. All applications are to be emailed to: [email protected] for review