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Dirt in Your Skirt creates a supportive community for women (and men). Through the podcast, articles, and videos we explore the stories of inspiring women (and some men) conquering old paradigms and changing the world.



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Each week explore the stories of inspiring women (and some men) conquering old paradigms and changing in the world. Whether through athletics, activism, writing, teaching, mentoring, or just being themselves creates change. We showcase authors, record holders, CEOs, and everyday people making huge changes in their communities. Everyone has a story and on the Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast, we are here to tell it.


Alignment Coaching weaves your inner passions in sport and life into your external world to create an aligned and passionate life. That life you are stoked to live each day! One-on-one sessions to help you reach your sport and life goals while keeping it all in balance.

In the last fifteen years, hundreds of athletes and numerous companies have aligned their life and work creating the world and businesses that truly reflect who they are on the inside and out.

If you are ready to change your life, get unstuck, and wake up each day in a life you love, let’s get started.



Margaret Schlachter has spoken around the world and shares life lessons through engaging stories and motivational talks. She is a DOER. Her message has inspired tens of thousands of men and women, not with a BS set of buzzwords but actions. Her no holds bar style uses her own experiences to help ignite passion in business and personal lives.



As a coach, Margaret is the ‘complete package’. She has the enthusiasm, patience, energy,
knowledge, personality, and experience that are needed to work with all people.

Carrie A.

Margaret brings an empathy and understanding to her consulting work that is unmatched. She will ask pointed questions to help you fine-tune your vision and help you set a path to achieve the goals you set not only as a brand but as a person.

Bonnie W

My experiences with Margaret have taught me to always believe in myself and keep pushing forward. No Matter where you come from, all you have to do is set your mind to something and go. When things get hard, and success is looking like a long shot, you have to trust in your abilities and commit.

Kelly A

So awesome to listen to all these different people and their lives. Very inspiring and empowering to come together and live a FULFILLED lifestyle

The guests of this podcast are truly inspiring women. I am in awe of their spirit and their commitment to their path of adventure, wherever it takes them.

For me, it was Margaret that forever altered my path. She encouraged me to embark on another whim – doing the Spartan Championship in Killington, Vermont. That event is the single most life-altering thing I have ever done

Melanie B

Margaret is extremely skilled on the technical side of things, from your website to your social media to monetize your podcast. But the reason you want to work with Margaret over anyone else is that she will help you find your why.

Chrisella H

It's great to hear women holding up other women and making us aware of how awesome we can all be.

Margaret captures interesting and inspiring stories. She has a magical way of interviewing and telling the real-life stories of women.