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This Week in OCR

Posted on July 6, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

Below is a round up of a few of the articles from other media outlets in the last couple of weeks.



How to Train for Your First Obstacle Race or Mud Run

OCR and in particular obstacle race and mud runs are the new must do bucket-list item for any weekend warrior. It use to be the 5K that drew in the masses on a Saturday morning and now these events have the masses flocking to take on a new type of challenge and push themselves in a new way. However getting ready for your first event is much more than spending a few hours pounding the pavement… Full Article




Finding the Best Sock for Race Day

Other than the shoes that go on your feet the second most important item you wear are your socks. They are the barrier between your feet and the elements. Choosing the right sock for race day can be an important choice. When it comes to the choices out there it’s important to go by the first rule of OCR – NO COTTON! Picking the right sock on race day can make a huge difference in your comfort on course and after the race… Full Article




Tips to Racing an Obstacle Race or Mud Run on a Budget

Obstacle Racing, Mud Runs and the sport of OCR can be expensive at times. Entry fees can be over $100 for a single race, then travel, parking and more on top of that it can be an expensive sport or weekend hobby. However, racing and travel doesn’t have to break the bank and their are many ways to enjoy your passion on a budget… Full Article




5 Ways to Have Clean Water on the Trails

In preparation for an obstacle race, mud runchallenge, or extreme endurance event, part of training for these events often involves trail running. The longer the event the longer you might find yourself out on the trails training and racing. Some extreme endurance events are mostly self-supported, meaning you need to supply your own water and food. Races like Fuego y Agua’s Hunter Gatherer and The Celts requires participants to filter their own water during the race… Full Article




Love Your Race

This past weekend I took on the Spartan Race Beast here in Utah, and in all honesty it is one of my least favorite courses of the year but still my home race. I love the mountains of Utah and yet in the race it is located in a valley with a few hills. As I went into the race I knew it was not my particular race and would not go to my strengths. So instead from the beginning of the race I made sure to make the race fun… Full Article



Summer Protein Shake

It’s summertime and it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of juiced drinks as well as smoothies. Now that it’s summer (or nearly summer) it’s time for a bounty of fresh seasonal fruit. It’s time to jazz up my protein shakes a bit and bring a bit of summer into my regular protein consumption. I don’t eat a ton of meat therefore my shakes are an important part of my diet. So in an effort to bring some summer to my normal MyoFusion Elite Protein shakes I decided to add in some fruit and fresh mint from my backyard and really make my drink seasonal and fresh… Full Article


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