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The Best of 2011

Posted on January 9, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

This blog has become a huge part of my life and I really owe it to the readers. The support and encouragement I get from all of you pushes me to try to be better each day. I hope in some way I have helped you reach your goals, now I need you to help me reach a goal.

I want to win a Bloggie! It’s an award for bloggers. I don’t really get anything from it if I win other than 2012 cents if you are Weblog of the Year. Yeah that’s not much of a prize but the title of Best Health or Wellness Blog or Best New Blog would mean the world to me. So it’s all pretty easy to help nominate this blog:

1. Go to the website: The Weblog Awards

2. Scroll Down to Best Health or Wellness Weblog and/or Best New Weblog. Enter in the name of the blog Dirt In Your Skirt and the url – www.dirtinyourskirt.com. Don’t know that I might actually win but it would be rad to be in the mix!

3. For your vote to count you have to nominate two other unique blogs as well. Some suggestions are Eff and Other Words (www.effandotherwords.com) for Most Humorous Weblog; Adventure Run (www.adventurerun.net) for Best Sports Weblog; so many other great blogs as well give them some recognition.

4. When you are finished entering the nominations scroll to the bottom, fill in the random grouping of letters which are always hard to read and make sure you are not a computer. Enter your email address and you are almost done. You can only vote once and voting closes January 15! So get on it.

5. An email link will be sent to you, click it and verify your vote. So yes you have to use a valid email.

6. If you are feeling really generous, share the link and get friends to vote.

Ok, I will step away from the podium and creep back to my seat in the audience now. Thanks in advance for your support! Back to your regularly scheduled programs about mud, ice, snow, training, and other musings.