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Posted on February 28, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter


As many had their televisions tuned into an awards show named after one man last night I sat in front of my Facebook and Twitter feed watching my version of the Oscars, the 2012 Weblog Awards. For those that might have never heard of the Weblog Awards aka Bloggies before my recent posts, they are the are annual non-profit blog awards that have been presented since 2001. They are the longest running and one of the largest blog awards, with winners determined through internet voting by the public. The Weblog Awards are presented by Nikolai Nolan. I have to admit I first heard of blog awards by watching Mena Trott give a TED Talk about blogs, Mena’s video – Mena Trott on Blogs.  The Bloggies are covered by many major news organizations and as of last night I joined the ranks of Bloggie Winners! My blog is now among the ranks of some of the top blogs on the internet and I have all you to thank.

So since unlike the Oscars these awards are announced via twitter feeds and Facebook posts speeches are not part of the plan. But I do want to take a moment in my post today to thank everyone for nominating my blog, and then voting once it was a finalist. Just being a finalist was an honor in and of itself, I would have been content with that alone. When the tweet popped up on my feed I held my breath then looked and saw it was my blog. I had a grin ear to ear! It’s an honor and a compliment to win.

But I was not the only winner last night. So tonight I take some time and check out the other winners of the 2012 Weblog Awards.


Best Australian of New Zealand Weblog  – JoNova

Best Asian Weblog – Unbrave Girl

Best African Weblog – My Marrakesh

Best European Weblog – Talkbloke’s Talkshop

Best Latin American Weblog – Banana Skin Flip Flops

Best Canadian Weblog – Climate Audit

Best Science or Technology Weblog – Watts Up With That?

Best LGBT Weblog – Everyone is Gay

Best Religious or Spirituality Weblog – The Norse Mythology Blog

Best Weblog About Politics – The Huffington Post – Yes like THE HUFFINGTON POST

Best Sports Weblog – The one and only Dirt In Your Skirt! Thank you again everyone it’s such an honor!!!

Best Health or Wellness Weblog – Oh She Glows

Best Travel Blog – The Modern Nomad

Best Photography of a Weblog – The Pioneer Woman

Best Arts, Crafts and Design Weblog – Regretsy – really good one!

Best Food Weblog – Smitten Kitchen

Best Pet or Animal Weblog – I Can Has Cheezburger

Best Parenting or Family Blog – Parenting, Illustrated in Crappy Pictures

Best Weblog About Music – Pitchfork

Best Entertainment Weblog – Autostraddle

Best Fashion or Beauty Weblog – Cupcakes and Cashmere

Best Topical Weblog – Marriage Confessions

Best Designed Weblog – The Bloggess

Most Humorous & Best Writing Of A Weblog – Hyperbole and a Half

Best Group or Community Weblog – Autostraddle

Now the Big Awards of the Night

Best Kept Secret Weblog – Adventures of the Kitchen Ninja – She’s a transplant Vermonter!

Best New Weblog – The Cowardly Feminist – the name itself makes it great

Lifetime Achievement – Watts Up With That?

Weblog of the Year – Autostraddle

It’s truly an honor to be among some of these amazing blogs. What do I win, well nothing, no money, no certificate, no trophy, not even a badge for my site. My web designer is taking care of that one for me (insert grinning smiley face). But I do win bragging rights for the next year and hell I can put “award winning blogger” on my headstone if I want. How is that for an award?

But in all honesty it is another step in my journey and we all like a pat on the back every once in a while. So thank you again to all the support of my readers. If you have the time check out some of the other winners and finalists.