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Wired4Life – Rain Barrel Theory by Andi Hardy

Posted on May 14, 2018 by Margaret Schlachter

Andi Hardy was the first guest on the Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast. Andi and I have been friends since 2012 at the Spartan Tuxedo Race. Since that time we have been able to travel and race together around the world. She recently stopped by Salt Lake City while on the latest stop of the Spartan Workout Tour.

While she was here we sat down and chatted about her life today almost two years after first recording. Since our first recording (below) Andi has started Wired4Life focused virtual personal coaching, motivational group workouts, and team building seminars.


Andi on the Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast in 2016.



In our hour-long conversation recorded yesterday, she talked about work with Spartan, Wired4Life Fitness, and her newfound passion for yoga and teaching paint night classes. Below is an excerpt from our conversation.

The full conversation is available to Patreon supporters.


Transcribed Conversation

Andi:                We are all given a rain barrel when we’re born.

Margaret:         Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andi:                And we have this little rain barrel.

Margaret:         Okay.

Andi:                And every time an experience happens it’s like rain and the barrel fills up.

Margaret:         Yeah.


And when you have a full barrel, you’re very balanced and you’re very confident. You can think of it like confidence. But if somebody bullies you, it puts a little hole in your barrel. And now a little leak forms.

Margaret:         Uh-huh.


And, you know if you have a parent, that is not really supportive more holes form. Not that you have to have warm fuzzy’s all the time. I think we need to learn negative, how to learn with negativity or criticism.

But, when you go through an abusive relationship, big holes are put in your barrel, and big leaks happen.

And no matter how good the experiences are that come in, you’ve got those huge holes in your barrel, and it comes out and it comes out. And then you’re down to nothing. And that’s your happiness and your confidence.

Margaret:         Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Because happiness and confidence go together. When there’s not balance in that barrel your happiness and confidence is not balanced.

If your Barrel is running over then maybe have too much confidence, and you come across as a person that’s very conceited and very full of themselves. Which, in my opinion, is not the best traits either.

So you want to have that balance in life where you have confidence, but yet not too much confidence.

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