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Dirt in Your Skirt Athlete Series – Hoa Kimi

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

20140615_093142Known to most as simply Kimi, Hoa Kimi is known throughout parts of the obstacle racing community for her smile, her friendship and her love of all things OCR. This 38-year old personal chef not only heats up in the kitchen but also on the race course. Learn a little bit more about Kimi.


How did you get involved in your sport?

I was a Spectator for husband at Tough Mudder  in Temecula, I run the whole course taking pictures.


Were you always an athlete?

Yes, I was a cross country runner in Junior High and High School, I love running, I did my 1st Long Beach Marathon in 3:35


What are some of your athletic achievements?

Finished my 1st Marathon, Running 1st Spartan Race, 1st in my age group for the Beast, Trifecta in Hawaii.




What are your goals for the upcoming season?

To conquer the Trifecta in 1 day


Who is/are your inspiration?

My dad and my husband. My dad gave up his life to move us here so that we can have a better life for our self and my husband gives up his life for my freedom.




What is your most proud moment in sport?

Finished my 1st Marathon at age of  24


What is your most proud moment in life?

Marry my best friend, I make wish on my 31 birthday that David would marry me and it come true.




How do you overcome a bad race or training day?

I get angry, cry and talking to my husband, and try to remember why I got into this sport and that is to have fun and stay fit, healthy living


What is your training routine like?

I run about 5-10 miles a day and weight training 4 day a week


What advice would you give to someone starting out in your sport?

Have goals, have fun, invest in a great pairs of running shoes


What is your favorite pre-race and post-race food?

My specialty is Italian, I love pasta before the race and post usually Blue-Moon beer and having Vietnamese PHO noodles with my husband if he NOT on a deployment




When not training and competing what do you do with your down time?

This is the hardest question to answer for me. I love spending time with my husband/family and love love reading


What is your favorite quote to motivate you?

Extra miles is NOT going to kill you.




What is the best advice a coach ever gave you?

Always have Faith in yourself. Be humble and always smiles with your heart


If you could share some advice to the next generation of athletes, what would it be?

Be true to yourself. Have sets goal, stay focus and always have fun at whatever you are doing.


What is/are the races you are most looking forward to this year?

Running my first Marine Corps Marathon with my husband and to Finished Strong closed out my 20th marathon


Any additional information you would like to share:

I love to sing, in the car mostly, I love fast car and motorcycle. I volunteer at Homeless Shelter at least 1 a month.  I don’t eat Raw foods.