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Dirt in Your Skirt Athlete Series – Maggie Anthony

Posted on September 3, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

IMG_291360026698549This week in the Dirt in Your Skirt athlete series we focus on Maggie Anthony. Anthony is a 28-year old laboratory technician living in Robinson, IL. She is ever reaching higher in the obstacle racing world and is continually pushing herself to reach new goals.

How did you get involved in your sport? 

I started running 5ks and 10ks shortly after college and was looking for a bigger challenge.  I stumbled across obstacle course racing and have been addicted ever since.


Were you always an athlete?

In high school I was a part of the volleyball, basketball, cheerleading (I consider that a sport since I acquired the most injures while cheering!) and tennis teams.


What are some of your athletic achievements?

In high school, I was honored to be MVP of the varsity tennis team for 3 years.  Recently, I have been in the Spartan Race top 50 female point series rankings for 2012 and 2013.  I’m on track to stay in the top 50 again this year and hope to have my highest ranking yet.




What are your goals for the upcoming season?

I have been training and following a strict diet in hopes of making it on the podium of a Spartan Race before the end of the year.




Who is/are your inspiration?

My parents have been my biggest inspiration. Throughout my life they have always been there for me.  The older I get, the more I realize the sacrifices they made to ensure I had the best opportunity to become successful.  In the OCR world, Tonya Stogsdill has always been my inspiration.  When I first started racing, she was one of the first elites I had personally met and has been my friend ever since.  Her determination and drive are contagious.


What is your most proud moment in sport? 

I experience them often.  I will compete with the elites, then typically jump back in and race for fun, helping and encouraging everyone I can.  I remember when I was afraid to climb over the walls or I thought I would never be able to get out of a slippery mud pit.  My proudest moments of this sport are when I can lend a hand or give words of encouragement to those who are scared or feel defeated.  Watching them accomplish an obstacle they didn’t think they could is an indescribable feeling.


What is your most proud moment in life? 

My most proud moment in life would be graduating with a degree in biology at Purdue.  The courses were tough.  I had to work hard and study extensively to achieve my degree.


DressHow do you overcome a bad race or training day?

Everyday can’t be a good training or race day.  Some days you’re just off.  Instead of being frustrated, I accept it.  Tomorrow is a new day for a fresh start.  Remember, even a bad run is better than no run.


What is your training routine like?

Since I work shiftwork, every day and every week is different.  Sometimes I train straight off of a 12 hour night shift and other times I need sleep so I don’t trip over my feet when I run.  It’s rare, but I will try and wake up early before my day shifts and get a workout in at 4am if I get to bed early enough.  I do a variety of workouts, ranging from running to weightlifting to interval training.


What advice would you give to someone starting out in your sport?

Never get discouraged.  You can conquer much more than you think you can. Train hard and keep a positive attitude.  Don’t forget to have fun!


What is your favorite pre-race and post-race food?

Pre-race, I’ll choose from granola bars, oatmeal, eggs, bacon or whatever else my nervous stomach can handle.  I love to indulge on a big meal post-race.  Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s a huge plate of food I’m content!


fireWhen not training and competing what do you do with your down time?

I’m working on utilizing my personal training and Spartan Group X certifications to help others along their journey to a healthy, fit lifestyle.  I also love to travel.  Several months ago, I extended my regular Spartan weekend travels and spent the week on a solo trip in California.  It was one of the most invigorating, scary and eye opening experiences I’ve had.  I’ve traveled many times by myself but have always had the comfort of knowing others at my destination.  Traveling alone was completely different and I recommend that everyone tries it at least once.  The self- discovery you will experience is invaluable.


What is your favorite quote to motivate you?

“You can keep going, long after you think you can’t.”


What is the best advice a coach ever gave you?

It wasn’t advice, but he believed each athlete had something essential to contribute to the team.  Having that sense of unity made our team unbreakable.  This further proved to me that believing and encouraging others goes a long way.


ColoradoIf you could share some advice to the next generation of athletes, what would it be?

Even if you aren’t a natural at obstacle racing, never give up.  Another quote I love is “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power but its persistence”.  Keep working hard and you will achieve your goals.


What is/are the races you are most looking forward to this year?

Vermont is always an exciting race.  This will be my third year running it.  It’s a tough course and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014.