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Dirt in Your Skirt Profile Series – Sarah Pozdol

Posted on July 17, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

DSC_6332Sarah Pozdol has been a fixture at many of the Reebok Spartan Races, she has amassed a handful of podium finishes and is training hard to continue that trend. This 29-year old resides in Chicago and is a personal trainer, coach and single mother of two kids. She finds time to balance training and life and is supported by a handful of sponsors, Oral IV, OCR Gear, Titin Tough, and EcoGym. Sarah took the time to let us learn a little more about her.


How did you get involved in your sport?

By word of mouth actually. My girlfriend called me up and asked if I wanted to try a “Gladiator Assault Challenge.” I looked it up online and saw people climbing cargo nets, shuffling through muddy trenches and jumping over fire. “Yes ma’am I do want to try a Gladiator Assault Challenge!” That was it for me, I’m hooked.


Were you always an athlete?

Yes. If you name it, I have probably tried it. My parents had me in sports at a very young age.


Miami Super 2


What are some of your athletic achievements?

In Softball, I was on Varsity all four years through high school and made many All tournament team’s throughout the years. OCR, I have finished in the top 5 women in all 2014 Elite Sprints that I have entered.


What are your goals for the upcoming season?

To stay healthy, and take on a new running technique in hopes of increasing my speed.


Indiana Sprint 2 42713


Who is/are your inspiration?

I have five. My Parents, my children and my significant other. We are all capable of amazing things and they’ve inspired me to give life all that I can.


What is your most proud moment in sport?

I would have to say completing the Spartan World Championship Beast this past September in Killington, VT. It was the first time I had traveled by myself for such a thing, and the trip was the final step in completing my first trifecta.  (A shout out to Norm Koch for designing a brutal a course that sure as heck made you earn it too.)




What is your most proud moment in life?

My PROUDEST moment?  The day my children were born, so I have two. In general, I try and celebrate successes as they come. For me, it’s important to recognize the effort that goes into completing my goals, no matter how large or small.




How do you overcome a bad race or training day?

I eat a ton of frozen yogurt. No really, I do. I am far from perfect but hey, we all have bad days. What’s great is that we have the ability to control whether or not we stay in a negative mindset. Personally, my goal is to turn it around for the next day because if I stay negative, nothing is getting accomplished. Forward momentum is crucial!


What is your training routine like?

It varies. I try and think outside the box and use whatever time/equipment is available on the fly. Throughout the week I will touch on long runs, strength training, slow weighted climbs, dynamic movement routines as well as try and implement flexibility/mind body routines.




What advice would you give to someone starting out in your sport?

Progress your body properly. If you are unstable, don’t go throwing heavy objects around! Start with stabilization exercises or use equipment that promote stability (resistance bands or body weight exercises) Start training outdoors, it’s a blast. Oh, and don’t get down on yourself. EVER. It does nothing but hinder your ability to advance. Be happy with where you are at and have fun! Changes in your body and level of fitness happen over time and you didn’t get where you are at overnight, so don’t expect an overnight change.


What is your favorite pre-race and post-race food?

Pre-race…… I eat an easily digestible high glycemic meal two hours pre-race so that my body has time to process everything. This allows for having a comfortable run and also gives your body a good amount of energy to make it through the race.


Post-race…..I’d say salmon. Since that’s not really feasible at these events, let’s go with a mushroom topped burger and sweet potato fries?? mmmmmmmmm


Indiana Sprint 6 42713


When not training and competing what do you do with your down time?

Down time? What is this thing you speak of? If I am not training or competing I am caring for my children, the household, training others, working on building my own business, doing schoolwork or tinkering with hobbies. I am not really sure why down time is. I have never really been able to sit still!


What is your favorite quote to motivate you?

I’m not sure I have ever had a favorite motivational quote. A quote that I always have remembered because of the simplicity and power is, “Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?” IT’S TRUE! Stay positive!


Malibu 2


If you could share some advice to the next generation of athletes, what would it be?

The earlier that this is understood, the better….At some point in time, you will realize that being an athlete is not fully about competing against other’s. The real competition is within you. Do what you can to be the best version of YOU, every day. If you do this, then no matter what, win lose or draw you will be able to walk away knowing that you gave it your best and that is all that matters. Go and get what YOU want out of life.


What word describes what you stand for in life?

One of my favorites:

  1. per·se·ver·ance /pərsəˈvi(ə)rəns/ noun: perseverance
  1. steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. “his perseverance with the technique illustrates his single-mindedness”
synonyms: persistence, tenacity, determination, staying power, indefatigability, steadfastness, purposefulness; More

patience, endurance, application, diligence, dedication, commitment, doggedness, assiduity, tirelessness, stamina;

intransigence, obstinacy;



“in a competitive environment, perseverance is an invaluable asset”


Dallas Beast 121413

Anything else you would like to add… 

I’d like to thank my sponsors, OralIV, OCRGear, Titin Tough, and EcoGym Worldwide for your continued support as I further my career in the sport of obstacle racing and a HUGE shout out to my best friend and significant other, John. Your strength and wisdom and encouragement have had such an amazing impact on my life. I’m one lucky gal 😉