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Day 81… It’s Like Christmas!

Posted on August 26, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Two favorite colors, Black and Pink

Happy Friday! I have been excited to write this post for a couple days but wanted to be able to devote the whole post to it. Many of you may have already seen this on Facebook but I wanted to devote the proper time to it.

This week has been amazing from doing my longest run to date 33.5 miles and overcoming a fear of the distance. It was followed up by an email Monday morning saying I was the newest athlete of the CW-X Compression Wear team. I am very excited an honored to be aligned with such a great company that makes amazing gear to aid in my training and racing goals. The other athletes they sponsor are amazing and I am excited to now be among them! Wednesday after a two long workouts totaling over 19 miles I came back home to find a package from CW-X. It was like Christmas! Even though I was exhausted from the second long workout in four days I was excited to try on all the new clothes. What girl doesn’t like getting new clothes, instead of dresses it’s compression tights and tops. I laid all the clothing out envisioning my next training session in them.

For many that may have not heard of CW-X before they make compression wear engineered to reduce the wear and tear on your body. A great thing for me! From www.cw-x.com

Like Christmas!

“The Patented CW-X Support Webâ„¢ technology mimics kinesiology-taping techniques that trainers apply to injured muscles. When this technology is applied to muscles and joints it creates an exoskeletal support system that improves biomechanics during motion. The CW-X Support Web provides Targeted Support to key areas, decreasing muscle oscillation and focusing power so your muscles work more efficiently. Variable compression along the web facilitates circulation, minimizing lactic acid build-up and muscle soreness, so you can be active longer and recover faster.”

I can say again everything they sent is awesome! Highly recommend it, especially the bras for women. The capri’s are already a favorite as we go into the fall training and racing. You know I will be sporting them for the Vermont 50 in late September and the Spartan Race Sprint in PA.

I am so thankful for their support of me as an Obstacle Racer and all around athlete. Can’t wait to hit the trail in them tomorrow before Hurricane Irene pounds down on us! It you don’t know about their brand and you run, hike, ski, or do any sport that pounds on your body check them out!