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Gear Review – Inov-8 2013 Roclite 268

Posted on April 25, 2013 by Margaret Schlachter

In 2013 Inov-8 has made a huge push in the running marketplace. They have revamped almost all their shoes it seems in the last year. It started during 2012 and is carrying over into 2013. We saw the introduction of the Trailroc line of trail running shoes as well as this year a new line of road running shoes. Inov-8 has gained a cult following in the Obstacle Course Racing world and already has roots embedded in trail and ultrarunning.


This year the 2013 Roclite 268, is one of the many shoes which received an update. In the past we have reviewed for the 2011 Roclite 268 and 2012 Roclite 268. The 2013 edition of the shoe has received a facelift.



Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 6.26.07 PMWeight: 268 Grams/9.5OZ

Footbed: 6mm

Heel/Toe Differential: 9mm

Sole: Roclite

Sex: Women’s (although the men’s shoe is very similar just heavier)

The notable changes, other than the color, in the shoe are the rubber toe bumper is back and offers more coverage than past models. Which is perfect when you get a little tired and catch yourself on a rock or two. As well the toe box seems to be a little bit roomier in their shoe. It seems after years of feedback from runners, commenting on how narrow most of the Inov-8 shoes are that the 2013 models offer a little more room in the toe box on many of their new models. Overall, the shoe seems to be a little more rugged, a bit more durable and all around the workhorse of the Inov-8 fleet of shoes. This is my go to shoe when it come to long runs, marathons and ultra marathons.


Field Tested

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 6.26.37 PMAfter a few short runs in the new Roclite 268’s I put them to the test a couple weekends ago in the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Marathon. Up to date I had probably only put about 30 miles on the shoes so they were still pretty new, and basically doubled the mileage in one run. The race was a mix of packed trails, rocky terrain, long ascents, steep descents, and a creek bed running. The new Roclite’s held up the beating and when I paired them with a pair of Drymax socks not only did my feet feel happy at the end but also were blister free, and ready for a run the next day.


Overall, the Roclite 268’s are one of my favorite training shoes, and trail racing shoes. If you are not as comfortable in minimal shoes this is the perfect hi-bred for you with a 9mm heel to toe drop, it gives you the extra cushioning you need, while still offering a light weight shoe.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 6.26.50 PM