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Gear Review – Six Pack Bags

Posted on August 5, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 2.26.57 PMNormally most of my gear reviews are related to clothing, shoes or other gear related to racing. A couple months ago I was contacted by Six Pack Bags to try out and give a review of their Explorer Backpack. After taking some time with the bag and possible uses for it for an obstacle racer or mud runner finally am ready to write a little about it.


About the Bag

The Explorer Backpack from Six Pack Bags incorporates both a backpack and a meal management system (think adult lunch box for athletes) into one bag. While some of their bags are more stylish and can easily pass in the office the Explorer bag is better suited for the casual office, gym or race day.


The Explorer Backpack is built with a cooler for three food containers built into the bag as well as space on the sides for a water bottle and shaker. This is perfect for the athlete on the go, coach who is also in training, or as many obstacle racers and mud runners will find convenient a healthy and nutritious post race meal at the end of an obstacle race or mud run.


This is the bag I wish I had when I was attending summer graduate school a couple years ago. The backpack has a padded compartment perfect for a laptop and a few books as well as space in the main compartment or a change of clothing for the gym afterwards.


But as I work from home now and spend some time at the gym the best application for the bag for me was/is a race pack option. It can easily fit my change of clothing after a race as well as all I need for food on the go. It is definitely rugged enough to make it though an obstacle race or mud run and the 3 gel freezer packs that go in the cooler section last for up to 8 hours, so on the long race days food is still fresh hours later. Definitely a good bag for those in school, those on race day, or those who prefer a backpack to a bag for work.


Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 2.30.42 PM


Check out their website: Six Pack Bags for all the new designs!