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Help, I’m New! Updated – The Gear

Posted on June 15, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter


In 2011, I first wrote Cotton Stay Away which was later picked up by the Spartan Race Blog after it initially came out. After more time in the sport and more mishaps and wins in 2012 penned Help I’m New! to build on the initial post in 2011. Well it’s now 2014 and more races have happened, some have come and gone, some have stayed around. The gear is changing and yet other things stay the same. Overall, the sport is coming into it’s own as a sport for many and going beyond just a one and done bucket list item for the weekend warrior.


With all of this it is time to update Help I’m New! with some updated links and new information as more products specifically designed for obstacle racing and mud runs continue to emerge in the OCR market.


Number 1 Rule

The number 1 rule of OCR is and continues to be NO Cotton! Instead opt for fitting, wicking fabrics, that will repel water and mud instead of holding it in. This is the one rule that has remained constant in the years of racing and until there is a day where mud and water are not longer part of OCR it will continue to be the number 1 rule.

IMG_4992More Information on Clothing:

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Shoes are a very personal choice while there are certain attributes that all OCR shoes should have; drains well, light, good tread, and durable; the best shoe still continues to be the shoe that fits you well and is comfortable. As more shoe manufacturers continue to improve and create shoes for OCR’s specifically there will continue to be more shoes in the market.

More Information on Shoes:

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IMG_4374Depending on your starting point, training will differ for each person. The most important aspect to remember when starting to train for an OCR is to tailor it for your own needs whether it means modifying a workout or making it harder. There are tons of different workouts and programs available free of charge whether from a race organizer, YouTube or blogger. It’s important to make a program work for you!

More Information on Starting Training:

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Other Stuff

As much as the sport of OCR is a athletic endeavor it is also a lifestyle. It is important to learn all the facets of the emerging sport as well as the lingo, lifestyle and more. For it can really change your life, like it has for mine.

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