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I Ran… in Wool?

Posted on May 26, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

And I rannnnn…… Ok as I start to write Flock of Seagulls is in my head. Now that it’s in your head too so now I can focus on more important things. Today I had the opportunity to head over to the ibex Outdoor Clothing Headquarters in White River Junction, Vermont. My friends over at Garuka Bars helped make the connection.

After a tour of the facilities, meetings with their sales manager, head of marketing and a quick introduction with the founder of the company. I learned a ton about Merino Wool that I will chronicle in some upcoming gear reviews. When I thought of wool originally I thought of winter only, well I was wrong. Ibex has an entire summer wool line. I left with several pieces in hand ready to put to the test.

So how am I putting these to the test. I will be wearing the same shirt for the next seven days in my workouts. A little extreme, yes, at Dirt In Your Skirt I like to do things a little extreme at times. One of the great things about Merino Wool is the no stink factor and I am putting it’s claims to the test. So watch for a video at the end of my 7 day test. Today it made it through a 45 minute run in some humid conditions.  I actually prayed it would begin to rain while I was out. So watch for me in the next couple of days in my CW-X Pro Fit Shorts and ibex Echo Sport Tee. More about ibex in upcoming blogs.

What am I testing in this challenge: Echo Sport Tee

First impression, feels like one of my UA tech tees even before I even slipped it on. Once it was on super light weight none of that itchy feeling when you think of wool. As I dipped sweat on my run due to massive humidity (it was ready to rain at any moment) it wicked away moisture from my body. So far it’s performing well. I stuck to the road today and look forward to taking it on the trail tomorrow. I am getting use to the idea of wool in the summer.

And just for fun!