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Mud & Obstacle Magazine

Posted on January 19, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

Mud & Obstacle Magazine’s first issue made it’s way onto newsstands across the country. This marks the first magazine for obstacle racing with large distribution as the first attempt Obstacle Racing Magazine morphed into the online Obstacle Race Media. This is an exciting addition to our sport and the magazine looks like it is here to stay.


Mud & Obstacle’s parent company Active Interest Media or AIM Media puts out over fifty magazines ranging from Backpacker, The Box, Black Belt, Muscle and Performance, Climbing, Ski, Skiing, to more niche markets such as Equus, Yoga Journal, Vegetarian Times and many many others. With years of experience and distribution already in place Mud & Obstacle has made it’s way across the country.


The first issue is promising and getting my hands on a copy early I can say this magazine could be the Runner’s World of Obstacle Racing. This issue includes a cover story on the one and only Hobie Call, as well as profiles of Spartan Race and a round up of what’s happening in the industry. As well stories about clothing (written by myself) and a section reviewing the newest gear, tools, and training devices. There is definitely a lot of room for growth and future issues I have been told will focus on a variety of races and people in the sport.


It is definitely worth picking up at your local bookseller, also it has been seen at some grocery stores, and Wallgreens. Make sure to get your copy before it sells out. Also you can subscribe to future issues online at Mud & Obstacles Website. Look for future issues as well as I will have more articles coming up!


It’s an exciting time for the sport as it continues to make its way into mainstream media and sports!