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WIN Sports Detergent – Battling the Toughest Dirtiest Gear

Posted on September 6, 2018 by Margaret Schlachter

WIN Detergent has been around since 2005, it’s quietly been getting the toughest and dirtiest workout clothing clean and smelling fresh. WIN was a pioneer in the industry actually creating the sports detergent market. Everyone who is active knows that after a while it’s nearly impossible to get the funk out of your favorite synthetic clothing, whether it’s trail running, backpacking, skiing, obstacle racing, fishing, or other sport I think we all have that one favorite item that is nearly impossible to get smelling fresh with normal detergent.

Enter WIN Detergent Into the Market

WIN has developed a detergent that helps remove the oils and bacteria that often get trapped in synthetic materials. The company uses special detergent molecules called Surfactants that help release and remove those oils and bacteria. WIN has chosen its surfactants specifically to get the oils out of synthetics while leaving your gear functioning and feeling great.

Overall the formula helps keep your clothing cleaner, fresher, and lasting longer. Which is good news for that favorite travel, race, backpacking, or training shirt! For me, that means after a weekend of backpacking my smelly camping clothing are back to being fresh and clean after one washing and ready for the next adventure.

Using WIN Detergent

This past summer I have been spending a lot of time in the Uinta mountains whether for a day-long hiking and fishing adventure or a weekend-long backpacking trip. All of which are hard on my gear and leave my clothing not always smelling so fresh at the end of a trip. Between running, hiking, campfires, cleaning fish, and whatever else we find in the wilderness sometimes we come home tired, happy, and well smelly. I definitely have a few favorite items to bring in the backcountry and keeping them fresh is extremely important to me.

While WIN Detergent is not new and I have been using it for years it’s been one of those things that we pretty much always have a bottle of it or another sports detergent around the house. While other companies have come and gone from the sports detergent market WIN has always been there. I recently had a chance to rediscover WIN Detergent and like a good old friend, WIN seems to always be there and still stands up to the toughest smells and clothing.

It’s not the flashiest product, it’s not the sexiest detergent (are detergents sexy?) but it simply works. It’s been working and been one of those quiet powerhouses in the fight to keep sports and outdoor clothing clean for nearly a decade and a half. I think I first wrote about it in 2013 for the old About.com before it changed hands. While the packaging has changed over the years the cleaning hasn’t.

If you are looking for a powerhouse that will get that funk out of your favorite outdoor, race or training clothing WIN Detergent could be your answer. It’s available on Amazon and specialty retailers, but honestly, Amazon is probably the easiest place to get it. It comes in two varieties a clean fresh scent or scent free and dye free for those sensitive.




Disclosure: This product was sent to for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. The opinions are those of the reviewer and the reviewer alone and were not influenced by WIN Detergent.