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Kids Corner: Alexandria McDonald Tries an OCR

Posted on April 24, 2015 by Maia Cammisa

10498070_10206488831606578_4667656904872338795_oI interviewed Alexandria McDonald, 12, about her first OCR (Obstacle Course Race). The race was in Orlando, Florida at BattleFrog. At first she was really scared and did not know what to expect, but at the end she felt like a pro.

I was one of her motivations and that was awesome since no one has ever told me that before. Her other motivation was being one out of two youngest people there doing the 5k, it made her really want to finish.

Her favorite obstacle was the Tsunami, which took her a few tries. Her least favorite obstacle was the cargo net because she felt really scared at the top. But she also felt brave once she conquered the cargo net. On the obstacles she could not do she felt a little discouraged but she got through it and thought of the ones she could do.

She thinks that it was a great experience and she cannot wait to do it again and beat people older than her, like military people and pro athletes. She thought it was really amazing and fun! I asked her if she thought about trying to be an OCR racer in the future, and she said it is something she would consider. There is a future for kids, the next generation, like Alexandria in OCR. We are here to stay and will get better.

Do you have a passion for OCR, and if so what is your next race?