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Kids Corner: Changing One Life

Posted on February 16, 2015 by Maia Cammisa

10978601_10155293604890454_6584054369914174285_nI interviewed Mr.TJ Shanteau about an adoption for a little boy named Aidan.  Mr. TJ has built obstacles and worked for obstacle racing companies.  Mr. TJ changed his life for Aidan who unexpectedly came into Mr. TJ’s life. Aidan became his son from an unfortunate circumstance. Mr. TJ has been raising Aidan for a while, but he has been raising Aidan alone. Mr. TJ is always looking for opportunities to give Aidan the experiences he had as a child. Mr. TJ is trying to put money together for the adoption.

Some special qualities about Aidan are that he is a very active seven year old boy, he loves being challenged, he loves getting muddy, and he loves doing things with Mr. TJ, like training for races. Their favorite obstacle is the Platinum Rig. Aidan’s favorite thing about racing is getting muddy.  Mr. TJ’s favorite thing about racing is he loves being challenged and to be able to compete, and when he races it makes him feel like he is a kid again even though he is an adult.  In 2014 they did five or six races, but this year they plan to do ten to fifteen.

Aidan is a really sweet little boy, and Mr. TJ cannot wait to adopt him.  It would be nice if you donated to the GoFund Me page for Aidan to be adopted by Mr. TJ.  It would make them both very happy, because they love each other very much.  Their story is an amazing story, that isn’t found often.