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Kid’s Corner – OCR World Championships

Posted on November 3, 2014 by Maia Cammisa

Obstacle Course Racing World Championships
Review by Maia Cammisa

The Obstacle Course Racing World Championships had so many cool obstacles, including the Platinum Rig, which less than 20% (women) and 50% (men) of the grown-ups completed.



When most of the adults couldn’t finish the Platinum Rig, it made me feel smaller and taller at the same time. It made me feel smaller because upper body wise, I can’t do much. It made me feel taller, because I know adults couldn’t do everything, like kids. It felt weird to watch my mom fail something, because I had never seen her fail anything before. It looked challenging, and it was, when I tried the Platinum Rig on Sunday. It was mostly because I was nervous.



The Kids course at King’s Domain was awesome!!! It had a rope climb (I climbed up the rope and rang the cowbell), a rockwall with a slide, mudpits, monkey bars, logs to jump over, a see saw, cargo nets, and more! We could not go on the bridge on the kids course because Mr. Marco (Bedard) had a board swing up and hit his forehead. He told my mom we should not climb on that one until it was fixed! Next year, I hope that they have a kid’s race! Are you still wondering, after reading this, why this is the best kids course in the world? You should probably check out Obstacle and Adventure Weekly!!