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2014 A Year of Thanks

Posted on December 23, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

2014 has been an incredible year, as every year in our lives should be. It is hard to believe how much has really happened in the last year. It took looking through photos from the past year to really put it all into context. While so many great things happened in the sport of obstacle racing, I have written about that one a lot. So now it’s time to take a look back at the year on a personal level and it’s best told in photos. The first thing I must be thankful for is another year with my boyfriend, my partner and the person who gets all the weird parts about me. Thanks to the continuing support of awesome companies like Inov-8 and Gaspari Nutrition, my home away from home at Ute CrossFit, and everyone who still finds interest in Dirt in Your Skirt and have been here since the beginning.


Bliss Entered My World

We picked up our dog Bliss on January 4. Little did I know you could love a dog as much as the love I have for him.


Mud and Obstacle Magazine

It was an honor to be able to write for Mud and Obstacle Magazine in 2014 as a Contributing Editor. It was amazing to get to see the inner workings of how a photo shoot happens, watching words jump from computer to a print format, and above all the opportunity to expand my writing and love for obstacle racing.



My Book

In 2012, the day after I quit my job, Bud Sperry (my original book editor) from Tuttle Publishing sent me an email asking to meet. From that meeting was formed a partnership with Tuttle and it was that meeting that let me know leaving the ski industry for the barely formed obstacle industry was the right choice. In April the hard-work, long hours, and project finally hit the world. My book became a real thing and a slice of my story hit the masses.



Travel – Mas Locos

This past year I was able to travel to amazing places and call it work. I promise it really was work! I was able to go back to Nicaragua, work and run a race. A magical trip to the Copper Canyons led to some perspective changes on life and left a lasting mark on my forever. The Mas Locos because part of my family and am forever grateful to them all.





Crewing the 500

Crewing the Peak 500 mile race for Michelle Roy was a highlight of my year. I got to spend a week plus a few days in a place I love surrounded by amazing athletes who all have their own story to tell. The fun and games we all shared on the trail over the week and change were some of the most fun moments.




Watching OCR Grow 

It was an amazing in 2014 watching the sport of obstacle racing start to begin to take shape better as more than one race or another but an entire industry. It was able to sit in many meetings and on many phone calls about the future of the OCR industry.




Gardens and Life Outside OCR

2014 was a year to find more balance in life, whether it be taking the dog for a walk, reading a book not about sports, or planting a new plant in the garden hoping it would grow. Bliss helped with this one!




Finally Winning an OCR

After now over 5 years of racing OCR’s finally found myself on top of the podium instead of 2nd or 3rd. A small thing but it was fun to stand on top.



New Partnerships and Opportunities

2014 started with the opportunity to write for About.com as the obstacle and extreme racing expert. Still something I am extremely proud to be a part of for 2015. It also was the year I got to know Brett Stewart better. Today we are partners on Obstacle and Adventure Weekly. We have had the chance to work together on his other show OCR Warrior and proud to be the Editor in Chief of MudRunGuide.com.





Learning to Have Fun Again

Overall, the biggest takeaway from this past year is a reminder to have FUN in work and in life. Sometimes we start something just to mess around, have a little fun and just mix up what we call life. We can take these things and get too serious and turn them into something completely different then what we originally intended. In 2014, I learned how to have fun with obstacle racing again. It is my job but at the same time it’s critical to continue to find the fun and adventure in it. This I found again this year. Between the snowy Ragnar, frantically chasing around the Spartan Race World Championships, or singing and peeing in wetsuits in the middle of a sandstorm it was all fun. Because at the end of the day if you aren’t having fun, why are you doing it?

In 2015, I look to continue the fun, continue the learning and continue to challenge myself. It’s a huge world out there and so many opportunities await!







Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year