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A Clean Room

Posted on January 3, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

After living in a mess for about the past month, it was time for a change. Time to pick up the things around me and start off the month and the long push of winter organized and clean. My living space is small so I am forced to use the space as wisely as possible.

My room leading up to the World’s Toughest Mudder was a mess of gear and prep before the event, I had things everywhere to make sure I didn’t forget anything. Then after the event I came home broken feeling and too tired to care about keeping my living space in anything but disarray. Then it was off to the holidays and I returned home with more stuff and still the a cooler filled with stuff and bags of race gear, all thankfully clean.

I should have unpacked then, but I was still tired and still not ready to put it all away and take on the task of organizing my stuff. I just looked at it and didn’t have it in me to do anything about it. So it sat, and it sat for over a week until today. It was time, time to finally put it all behind and move ahead. The last stage of any race, is putting it all back away at the end and today I finally made that happen.

It wasn’t until tonight I felt the gravity of my several hour organizing and cleaning spree. I walked into my room, a room which has been a mess for a long time and it felt bigger, and I felt lighter. ┬áIt’s nice to walk into a clean room it gives you a clear mind and I know a more comfortable sleep tonight.