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Posted on February 1, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

New training schedule new days off. Tuesday’s are now a day off for me, yes it’s a strange day for most but for me it makes sense. I am up super early now on Monday’s and work until extra late. Tuesday’s I need the extra time. So what do I decide to do, move my whole room around. My whole living space is one room and tonight I decided to move it around. So as it’s only half put back together right now I thought I would take a page from a friend Johnny Waite’s blog, I call it thank Google it’s Tuesday! A collection of awesome videos that have been brought to my attention recently.

GORUCK Video from my Class 063 and others from 9.11.11 Weekend

The Power of Words.

Thanks Johnny Waite

┬áDon’t Regret Regret – Ted Talk I found on Sunday.

TED Talk – Are you ever too old to venture into the unknown?

How one guy became 100 artists!

Sometime’s we just need to “Slow Down”

Finally… A Song and Video to brighten anyday…

So as my room is still in pieces but at least I have been able to share a few of the videos and songs I have been digesting in the last week or so. Thanks again to Johnny Waite for the idea!