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Day 46… An Evening With Butter and Buddha

Posted on July 22, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter
Disc Golf Tee Box

Today was my day off, and honestly most of it was spent traveling. It seems that nothing about my days off are really off. I did not mind as it was so effing hot again today and I got to spend most of it in my nice cool air-conditioned car.
The day started off with 18 holes of disc golf with a few friends at Base Camp Outfitters, my home course. We had a great round then I headed off to Bethel, Maine. The Tough Mountain Challenge is tomorrow. I think the phrase, “you can’t get their from here” was invented in New England. After a long, or at least what seemed it, and roundabout way I arrived in Bethel.
Stop along the drive
It was after five when I arrived at the Chapman Inn. It is a pleasant historic Inn nestled in the heart of Bethel. I am staying in the dorm area of the Inn with two thru-hikers (AT hikers) who have just over 250 miles left to finish their journey. “Butter” and “Buddha” as they called themselves were settled into the living room watching TV when I arrived. The heat had sidelined their hiking today. A side note about people hiking the Appalachian Trail, many take on aliases during their hiking and it’s in poor form to ask if it’s their real name, so my evening with Butter and Buddha began. 
Oh Hello Sunday River

The place is a cross between a hostel and camp. We have a full kitchen, living room, pool and ping-pong table and three levels of dorm rooms with many beds in each. With it so quiet we all have our own space. I have to say pretty excellent considering it was $35 and it includes breakfast. Unfortunately, no A/C but I have been living without it so what’s another night.

After a brief conversation with them I headed out to Sunday River to take a sneak peak at the course. There I met another competitor who was a little anxious about her first obstacle race tomorrow. We spoke for a while and I learned her daughter is dating one of the kids at the school I work at, SMALL WORLD.
Home for the Night
After a quick look at the course I think I am ready for tomorrow. I am really using it as a prep race for the Spartan Beast, which the race director told me last night is going to be really difficult! As I write this, I am chowing down on the last of the curry from earlier this week, a Maine Microbrew, and a gallon of water. Hydration Time! It’s going to be another hot one tomorrow! 
A warning ahead for tomorrow the post will probably not come until Sunday as tomorrow is the race in Maine and a wedding in upstate New York.