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Day 90… A Long Commute Home

Posted on September 7, 2011 by Margaret Schlachter

It’s no secret that I was away from home for the worst disaster since arguably the flood in the 1920’s, many have said this was worse. After over a week of being stranded away from home all I wanted to do Sunday morning was to simply, GO HOME. I checked the road openings and found an afternoon window in which I could make my way in.
I left camp early as I would have to drive around all the damage and add well over 100 miles to my trip home. As I pulled off I-89 and onto Route 4 which has now been made famous by the national news, I saw the damage first hand. We did suffer some severe damage and many parts are not pretty. Seeing a bridge ripped up and down the river, medal tangled up and mashed together, the reality set in. This we have all seen on the news. What the news hasn’t shown is the tremendous progress made in a short period of time. Roads are being repaired at record speed and crews want to get everything open.
A simple three and a half hour drive turned into just over a six hour trek after being rerouted through Burlington to get to Killington. If you know VT you know thats not at all in the right direction. When I got home it was not the damage that struck me but the will to move on by everyone around me. I arrived expecting to see a closed down town, when in truth some restaurants were open and people were ready to move forward and get back to normal.
The best part of my trip was when our First Constable, who happens to also be a friend, talked to me at the road check point. I asked him if I needed to do anything special. He simply said, “Go Home” never have those words sounded so sweet. I am home adjusting to the new routine of having to plan out trips out of town. But in being home I am calm, and realize that Killington truly is my home.