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Do The Things You Do Define Who You Are?

Posted on July 18, 2018 by Margaret Schlachter

While on a hike over the weekend I had a lot of time to think to myself. 4:00 am in the morning has a way of doing that. With the animals still asleep the dogs and I headed up the trail to catch the sunrise on a high alpine glacial lake. During the hike, my mind started to dive into the questions of life, as it often does.

The primary theme of this hike was thinking about how many people want to define us by the things we do. But do the things we do define who we are. I put out a Facebook live today thinking about the idea, thinking about creating an aligned life, one in which your inner world and outer world mirror each other.

Do the Things You Do Define Who You Are? 


This idea of marrying our inner and outer world has been a calling for me. I have been coaching for over fifteen years. Coaching mostly athletes, however over the years I found my true gift in coaching was not making an athlete faster but helping them overcome mental hurdles. Most of which were far removed from the playing fields and courses. We ended up diving into those issues in life.

Today I am proud to offer this coaching to the public. Come out of the shadows and help you align your life, gain confidence, and get stoked about everything you are doing! That’s been my mission in life, and now I am excited to share that wisdom gained with you! If this sounds like something, you are in to sign up for a free session with me and see if it’s a fit.

I talked a lot about balance with my friend Andi Hardy who was the first guest on the podcast in 2016. She was at my house this spring, and we recorded a bonus episode for Patreon Patrons only originally. However, after my run and thinking about some of the themes we talked about I decided to release it to the world.


Bonus Episode  – Andi Hardy




And if you missed it here is that photo in its full version if you missed it on my social feeds. Worth the 3:45 am wakeup.

If you feel like your life is out of alignment, I am here to help you pull the pieces together. Check out our coaching page for your free session.