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End of the Year – Not Roundup or Goal Setting Post

Posted on December 31, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

2031961_race_0-1.2862719316006712.displayIt’s the last day of the year and as my Facebook feed fills up with “best of 2014” posts and how to set goals for 2015. I sit here for the first time NOT having a plan for 2015, and not really reflecting on the year, OK did that last week. Instead I feel completely open. Open to whatever seems to come next which is a, “I don’t know”.

Recently I was asked what races I am doing next year, what trips are planned and what is the next step for Dirt in Your Skirt and more. Again I find myself saying, “I don’t know” although I do see more spear kits being made and the return of the Female Athlete Profiles in the new year. I know I will be writing all the obstacle and extreme racing content for About.com for another year, and I know that I will be working as Editor-in-Chief of MudRunGuide.com.¬†As looking to do even more with Obstacle and Adventure Weekly as we head into 2015. These things I know, but many things I do not.

This complete unknown use to freak me out, use to have me up at night, and use to be something I felt needed to be planned. Now having mostly an open schedule and an open plan feels completely free and completely the right thing to do. I know I will probably end up at a dozen or more races in 2015. I also know I will inch closer to the big goal of the last couple of years, getting out of debt. But otherwise it’s open and open is a good thing.

Once again I must thank everyone who sticks with this website, sticks with my often rambling text, and most of all sticks with the story of OCR. Because as the industry as grown and changed I have been there and seen it change and that has been the most exciting part of this journey. There maybe a new batch of athletes finding podiums in 2015 but I will still be there doing what I do best, and finding love and joy in each race.

Enjoy your new year and look for more posts and news in 2015! With open arms and an open heart I enter into the new year.