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Evening Allure

Posted on March 21, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter



Sitting on the porch, recovery drink in hand all seems right with the world. Killington is slowing down early due to extremely warm weather. I sit with Amy Winehouse in the background hearing the spring melt raging down a stream in the distance. All is right with the world. The last vestiges of blue are fading into the night sky. It is as if the clock was turned backwards and I am back in last summer writing a blog that no one but my family was reading. Life is calm and for a moment everything seems to fade away, it is just me in the world.

Why has this feeling all of a sudden overcome me, is it the change in weather? Is it the hour long run I afforded myself this evening after another eleven hour work day. It’s funny how even the longest of work days can seem insignificant after a nice evening run. I posed the question this morning on Facebook, “What is your favorite time to run?” I had a variety of responses, most indicated mornings and many early mornings.

I know many articles will say workout before you start your day and get it over with. That logic certainly has it’s truths. Many studies have shown that brain productivity is increased when a person starts the morning with physical activity. I know this feeling after an early morning session, I start the day ready to go when I hit the office. Still this is not my favorite time to workout and I struggle to find the joy in it.

My favorite time to workout is in the evenings. I love pulling off my work clothing, putting on my running clothes and shoes and hit the trail or road running, literally. Nothing to me is better than getting to the top of a mountain at sunset and descending by the light of my headlamp. For me those moments cannot be replicated, each sunset is different from the last and the one to come. I have tried, sunrise does not bring the same allure to me that sunset brings. I love coming home planting myself on the porch and writing by the light of my laptop. I watch the stars magically appear each evening as if it’s their first time presenting themselves.

A truly elite athlete would not care about what time they workout and would find the enjoyment in the activity at anytime. Maybe that doesn’t make me elite, I am fine with that. I started this because I love it and will continue to make my journey about enjoyment and love of my surroundings. Maybe I have a mild form of seasonal effective disorder, but don’t we all to some extent. For me all I know is that for me there is a certain satisfaction I get from an evening workout that I am unable to find at any other time of the day. And at the end of the day, All is right with the world.