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Headed to Tahoe

Posted on October 1, 2015 by Margaret Schlachter

In a couple hours, I head to the airport for the quick hop from Salt Lake City to Reno, Nevada for this year’s Spartan Race World Championships. It will be my 5th trip to a Spartan Race World Championships. This time of year always makes me pause and remember all of the races and world championships leading up to this one.

I remember in 2011, when Spartan Race made the announcement it would be hosting the first world championship race in Texas. The race distance was a super and the elite heat was the last of the day. Many of us finishing as the sun went down. Many firsts happened that weekend on and off the course. It was a thrilling weekend and happens to be the first weekend my now partner and I spent together.

In 2012, I can hardly describe the excitement and nervousness I had going into that race. That weekend was the first Ultra Beast and would be the last time I raced on the mountain I called home for over three years. I still remember as the emotions took over when I took the last descent down Superstar knowing that less than a mile separated me from the finish line of both the race and my time in Killington.

In 2013, after being plagued with injuries during the year I opted to cover the elite race and go for the Ultra Beast the next day. It was exciting to be on another side of it and to be able to help friend Claude Godbout make it to the race. Although my race on Sunday led to a DNF at Bear Mountain, I was content with my time on the mountain and felt like I reconnected with an old friend.

2014, everything was bigger and more organized. Larger sponsors were around for the show and the NBC camera’s were in full force, not just the NBC Sports guys. It was the final year for the World Championships to be in Vermont and in a way it was the perfect send off. I spent the weekend documenting the action for Obstacle and Adventure Weekly.

Now it’s 2015, at times there were doubts if I would actually make it to the race. Work has been the driving force for the year and I have rarely raced competitively. I qualified and earned my coin in Hawaii and yet you will not see me on the elite starting line.

Instead, this year I was given a unique opportunity to run with Clif Builders Bar and stay with them for the weekend. On Sunday, I will be running in the media heat with other journalists, reporters and more. Each year has proven to be a different experience when it comes to the Spartan Race World Championships, and I am looking forward to this one thanks to Clif Bar.

I hope to see many friends and give lots of hugs over the weekend!

See you in Tahoe.