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Meeting Cancelled Due to Sunshine

Posted on January 27, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Somedays things just happen to fall into place, I have felt overwhelmed in the last couple of weeks trying to fit it all in. It being, work, training, and some semblance of a life. We don’t get a lot of sunny days here in Vermont in January, someone once told me the average is six.

Thursdays are my day of meetings on average I have 3-5 on a given week on Thursday. So today just before lunch I got an email saying my 12:00 meeting was cancelled due to sunshine, then during lunch found out my next meeting was cancelled again because of sunshine. The outdoors was calling my name! One of the other women I work with was at lunch with me when I found this out. Quickly, my brain went to what could I do in the few hours I now had free before my final meeting of the day. A quick hike! I said to Alex, let’s go. She said, when? I then replied to her, NOW! Five minutes later we were off and less than 10 minutes after that at the trailhead.

It was nice to just be outside!  The kind of outside that isn’t just going from work/home to my car or heading out on the hill to coach kids for the day. I could feel my body soaking up the Vitamin D. It was a pure moment, in the woods and in nature. The more time I spend in the woods, the more it feels like home. It doesn’t matter the season I just love being on the trails and in the woods. Today was no different. As we reached the top of Deer’s Leap I was finally able to feel like I could really breathe. Deep inhales and exhales, the kind you can’t find indoors. A weight I have recently felt burdened on my shoulders seemed to disappear. As we descended back off the mountain and I headed back into my office to get ready for the last meeting of the day it all seemed a little more manageable. All it took was a step out and a deep breath, kind of a reset of sorts. Tonight I added to the day with about a 45 minute spin on the bike. I left the gym wanting more a good sign in my books.