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Micah True

Posted on April 1, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

It’s a cliche to say “Born to Run” inspired me to start running, but I would be lying if I didn’t say it was my inspiration. I remember sitting in the hammock in a little village in Costa Rica unable to put the book down. I was not only interested in the stories but in the people. Caballo Blanco as he was nicknamed Micah True on his passport was a central figure in the book.

Last night his body was found in New Mexico after a four day search. He had gone out on a routine run. True was a legend in the ultra running world and famous among ultra runners and wannabe ultra runners. He had paced during Leadville as well as organized the race The Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon which was the star in “Born to Run”. Known for running in sandals and one of the famous names in the barefoot movement. He spent his time between the Copper Canyons in Mexico living with the Tarahumara people and Boulder, Colorado.

For me personally this is a lose. I felt connected to him in the book and it is a sad day to lose such a legend. The cause of his death in unknown and I am sure in the next few days we will know more but for now we can remember the man and the unforgettable race he organized and lived. The ultra running world lost a good last night and he will not be forgotten.