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Park Running – Run to Impress?

Posted on October 19, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Still adjusting to city life here in Salt Lake City, did you know you can get to a Home Depot in less than five minutes, compared to twenty when I was living in Vermont. Yes there is more noise, more people, more variety of food choices, and well it’s a city. Still a little timid to hit the trails here and still trying to get my bearings, I hopped over to Liberty Park for a quick jog this afternoon.

It wasn’t until I got out of the car I realized the Spartan Race shirt I was wearing. Working from home these days in a city where I know few people my clothing and t-shirt choices are not at the top of my priority list. I stepped out of the car popped my headphones on and started to jog the wood chip path surrounding the park. I was less than five minutes into a run when this guy sprints past me with a hoodie on. I gave it no thought as it’s a city park and people run in parks.

Next thing I know the guy appears again, this time sweatshirt in hand revealing the back of a Tough Mudder t-shirt. I smiled to myself a little and just kept running at my same speed. I look up again now the guy is running backwards so if I missed his shirt the first time I would see the logo this time. Seriously dude, I get it you did the Tough Mudder last weekend in Utah. He runs off yet again.

I continue to run at my pace looking ahead in the distance the “Tough Mudder” guy has slowed his pace to a walk. I continue my pace and inch closer to him, he keeps looking over his shoulder, when I reach about twenty feet from him he takes off again. This cat and mouse game continues for about two miles, he sprints off then walks moments later, I just keep jogging. It was really comical.

The whole time it was like he was tempting me into a race or had to make sure he stayed in front of the woman in the Spartan Race shirt. Either way this was the craziest way I have ever seen anyone run. What was he out there for to get a workout in or impress people by showing off his new race shirt? As I looped around for my next lap on the path, he slowed up and stopped at the water fountain, never drank, allowed me to jog by again, then sprinted to his car. I felt like I had been pulled into a Spartan v. Tough Mudder battle and yet a word was never uttered.

I finished my run and left thinking, that was the strangest workout I have ever seen anyone do. Well “Tough Mudder” shirt guy, hope you accomplished your goals today whatever they might have been. I know you made running in circles a little more enjoyable and really let me know it’s time to get over my fear of scoping out new trails in order to be able to run in peace again.