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Photo Shoot

Posted on April 3, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

So over the weekend I truly did a first. My first professional photo shoot. Yes I did one with a friend in the fall and got some great shots. This one was a little different, I didn’t know the photographers and this one will be for more than just my own website. Next year Spartan Race is coming out with a Chicked Calendar and I was asked to be part of it.

This was definitely a step outside of the norm for me. The last photo shoot I did basically I just worked out and my friend and wonderful photographer Ali Kaukas just took pictures. There was no special makeup involved and no backdrops. This one was a little different. But I figured it was a great opportunity and I would be a crazy to pass it up. My main goal going into the shoot was no matter what I wanted it to represent me. I had reservations but in the end just went with the experience and opportunity.

I got there after spending the morning and part of the afternoon on the mountain coaching skiing. Most of the other women had spent time prepping for the shoot, I literally walked off the mountain. In true form to myself all my photos show me with my hair up. I went in for the initial makeup, I wear basically none, and asked her just to make my skin photo ready. I was so happy to see when she was done I still looked like myself! Soon I found myself with some of the other women out behind Riverside Farm running up hills and then back down. This I could do. I relaxed into the shoot and had a great time.

When we got inside for some of the more closeup photos and head shots I reverted back to my awkward turtle self. The photographers were great working with me and keeping me relaxed. In the end I ended up doing what I do best, push-ups, handstands, cleans, presses, jumps and leaps. Leave me to take the shots that are more focused on glamour and turn them into a workout. In the end it was a great time. The photographers were great and my favorite shot I was able to preview of the day was when I came out of a handstand. I was in almost a full backbend with my feet inches from the floor.

One woman commented when I voiced my nerves regarding this shoot, there is a pin-up in each of us. I still would argue that there is not a pin-up hidden somewhere within me. I don’t think it’s in my DNA. I know for me the most comfortable I was during the shoot was when I could just do what I do best, workout. Just let me jump around and try to catch the shot while I am still in the air. However, this is probably the root of why on Tuesday I am still sore from numerous squats, cleans, jumps, leaps, bounds, curls, push-ups, and everything else in-between!

We will see what ends up happening for the calendar but I can say all the photos that were taken I would be happy to show any of my athletes. Which to me is the most important thing going into any photo shoot, what will those around me think at the end of the day. Thanks to all the crew at Spartan Race for making it a great experience. It was great to see some friends, sorry to the women I missed. Looking forward to seeing all the photos!

Also note to self, when shooting photos at the end of winter find the time before the shoot for a spray tan. Man I am pale but many would argue I always am. So I guess it’s just me being me.