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Reality TV

Posted on January 15, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

The email was sent and my submission is in. All the buzz online recently has been about “Unbreakable” the reality tv show that sounds like it will combine obstacle racing and the Death Race into a potentially really great show. The guys from the Death Race/Spartan Race have teamed up with Pilgrim Studios to film a Challenge show. After much persuading from Joe (Desena) and Andy (Weinburg) over the past week or so about it, I sent the email. I coach two of their kids in skiing each weekend.

Do I think I am actually cut out for Reality TV, no not even sure if that’s something you want to be. But again this show going to happen in my backyard so why not. After I submitted I thought of all the reasons, I am NOT the person you want for reality TV. A few of my highlights:

1. I do not have a name like Snookie or “The Situation”. No, I am Margaret, to some Margo the Great but to those that know me well it’s just Margaret and it’s always been that way.

2. I do not/have never had a major drug addiction, criminal record, or for that matter even stolen a piece of candy. It’s just not in my nature.

3. I have a loving family. They are supportive and always have been of my endeavors. They have supported and helped me in all stages of my life.

4. I do not have the hero story, yes I am a volunteer FF/EMT. But I have never been to War. I do not work for the NYFD or NYPD or any other organization like that. I just live in a small town and help out where I can.

5. I don’t have a sex tape or other elicit actions with a celebrity on film. Again, not my style.

6. I don’t secretly hoard every piece of mail or other paper that comes into my home. Actually, I recycle it before it leaves the post office.

7. I don’t have some strange obsession with eating chalk or dishwasher detergent. I can do things to the extreme but normally it’s just working out.

8. I don’t have an anger issue or relish in provoking fights. I try to stay free of drama, although we all have our slip-ups. I believe in honesty and integrity.

9. I do own a sword, axe, sledge hammer and know how to shoot a gun. But I live in Vermont so it’s ok.

10. I do not have an extreme weight loss journey to go on. Although, I give mad props to those who have been on that journey and changed their lives. I have never been larger than a size 8 (three years ago). Today I hover around a comfortable size 2.

11. I don’t have a fear of eating weird things and that stuff doesn’t really bother me. I once ate live termites in Costa Rica after a friend suggested it, they taste like bark and pepper. Really not a big deal.

12. I don’t need to be famous. As much as I write about my life I don’t crave the spotlight, in fact my dream is a small cabin in the woods with a kick ass wood stove and devoid of a television or noisy neighbors. I would although need internet to continue to blog.

13. My name is not Kardashian. I am not a house wife. I am not a mechanic or have a rad handle bar mustache. Although I am a dorm parent.

14. I do not own a restaurant or have an amazing culinary ability. I can ice a cake but can’t make a cake into The Thinker or whip up a 3 course meal in an hour. My favorite food is pizza and I eat a lot of beans and rice. No Michelin Stars here.

15. I am just a real person. I work a normal job, I struggle with the same stresses as anyone else. I am just me and that’s pretty rad, because I am the only me.

The thing I am is real. I am honest and I share my training and journey on this blog. Otherwise, I live a quiet life in the woods of Vermont at a ski area. I work hard and recently the handwork has paid dividends. I don’t have a secret recipe for success, find something you love and go after it. That’s all, so if the producers want someone REAL and not a character, call me.