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Springtime ?

Posted on March 12, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

With my face feeling a little on the crispy side this evening I sit on the porch and write tonight’s blog. It a wonderful feeling to be writing outside again instead of stuck wandering for the perfect location. There is something about the cool breeze hitting my face as I write and watching the sun retire for the day.

Now that we gain an hour in the evening of sunlight I can feel spring coming. We have yo-yoed in temperatures in the last week but looking ahead it would seem that spring is on its way. It also means that race season is getting closer. I know for many it has begun. For me it’s still about winter and the end of ski season. But it would seem as I sit here and write that spring seems attainable. We can see the light at the end of a less than stellar winter. I am ready to pack away the snowshoes and get muddy on the trails.

Tonight’s post doesn’t have a huge profound message or social commentary but just the act of sitting on the porch writing brings me joy and more importantly relaxation. So here I sit ramble words onto paper and wait for spring to dawn. I know now that I have written this we will get a freak snowstorm in another week, but for now I will look forward to all the moments that spring brings. Welcome back mud season, can’t wait to hit the trails with you once again!