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Think You Know what 200lbs Looks Like, Think Again

Posted on July 18, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

This website is no stranger to talking about body image and body shape. In 2012, the post Body Image talked about how sometimes lusting after a body is not an achievable goal and we all have to make our own goals. Additionally, we feature women each week in the sport of OCR working hard and of all ages and backgrounds.


wpid-imag0549This morning I was introduced to Jais Manghis and her blog Buenavida OCR and Fitness. She recently wrote a blog about her weight and what life looks like at almost 200lbs. Trust me it’s not what you think and is a lesson in not letting a scale dictate who you are.  Bravo to Jais for the courage to share her story and let us share it as well.


While being pulled on a sled already loaded up with 140 pounds of weights by my friend Brendan, I realized what a beast he actually was. Because on that day, I had gotten up, weighed myself, and left my house to go to F3 obstacle training. The weight on the scale read 196. So he was pulling around 336 pounds on the sled, in addition to what it weighed. I told my friends this, and not one of them, though they all workout and weight train, believed me when I told them how much I weighed. At 5’7, I have never been so close to 200 pounds in my entire life. I’ve put on 20 in the last year…. Full Article