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Posted on March 10, 2015 by Margaret Schlachter

Growing up I was not what you would call a dog person. An initial encounter with a very scary (or so I have been told) dog trying to jump a fence into my stroller is definitely something that will leave a mark. Though the years my parents had dogs, but they were definitely not my best friend. I watched dogs in college for extra pocket money and yet I did not feel that love. Yet today I find myself totally one of “those dog people”. A couple years ago making the leap into true adulthood and moving in with my partner, Forest, as part of the package I got two aging dogs and an old cat. Still not really a dog person, although Jasmine his golden was a heart.


10675602_802724840970_2627729236026192100_nBoth those dogs passed after about a year of living together. Through Forest’s eyes I saw the world of dog lovers. And I was opened up to the idea of what a dog to bring to the table. But it was not until I held my own 6 week puppy in my hands that I fell in love with dogs, well honestly really only my dog.


I have been told before that if you don’t have children you can’t really understand what love is. I am not sure I agree as the moment we got Bliss something changed. When I held him in my coat because the snow was too deep to walk, or watched him take his first poop in our yard. It happened, I became a dog person, well at least for my dog.



11001818_812952843970_9129694208099152041_nRecently my family got a good laugh when I got Bliss a pair of Ruffwear Vibram soled booties for an upcoming trip to Moab. I did spend about as much as I would on a pair of shoes for myself as I did for my dog but here is why… Slickrock. We take our dog everywhere with us, he hikes, rides, runs, basically anything we do he does. However, part of being a good dog owner is taking care of your dog.


We plan to head to Moab soon for some mountain biking, one of the things that makes Moab great for mountain biking is the slickrock as it grips the tires and you peddle around. Unfortunately, it also is like sandpaper for your dogs feet, thus booties. My partner, Forest, has seen more dogs end up with bloody paws after a few miles and keep running. In order to preserve our dogs feet we got booties.
As soon as he tried them on it was like a infant taking his first steps. He walked awkwardly around the house and then outside. As he began to walk normally we rewarded him with treats and ran around the backyard with him using positive reinforcement. It seems to have worked. Although the proof will be on a 20+ mile ride coming up to see if he really likes them.


For us bringing our dog with us is part of the package and it’s our job to ensure he has all he needs. Here are a few good reasons Ruffwear sent us to take your dog for a run or bike with you…