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Evolving a Mission Statement

Posted on May 17, 2018 by Margaret Schlachter

So the title sounds very business like. I guess you can’t take the business school out of a woman no matter how hard you try. I started Dirt in Your Skirt back in 2011 with the idea to track my own obstacle racing journey. In 2012, I adopted three words to summarize my personal ethos and that of the website.






At first, the words meant to me and my personal mission was to explore new topics, conquer old fears, and inspire or get inspired by those around me. And it worked for a long time.


However, over the years the website has grown and I have grown. After spending the day, at the Outlier Podcast Festival, telling people what my mission statement was for Dirt in Your Skirt I realized that mission statement didn’t fit as well anymore. I took a note to myself as I drove home after the conference and since that time I have refined what Dirt in Your Skirt’s mission is and where it is going.


For anyone listening to the podcast, this will come as no surprise, many friends will say “yeah, of course, that’s where you are going” but for some, this might be new. So while on a run this morning with my dogs, I sat with what I am really doing with Dirt in Your Skirt and what the mission has evolved to be.



Dirt in Your Skirt creates a supportive community for women (and men). Through the podcast, articles, and videos we explore what it means to be human (especially a woman today), conquer old paradigms, and inspire ourselves to live our most authentic being.


As Andi Hardy told me when she was just at my house. I am just fascinated by who people are and want to find out what makes them tick. Clearly, one of the reasons I started the podcast and started showcasing athletes even before that.


This all falls into line with my Intuitive Coaching that is outlined in my coaching services. My goal is to bring on the guests to help you start to explore many of the topics that for the last five years I have been deep diving into, finding out what makes us all tick, and ultimately how we can be truly 100% comfortable in our own life.


My coaching infuses over 15 years of experience as a professional alpine skiing and lacrosse coach, obstacle racing coach, and life coach, and intuitive healer. I am more interested these days in how to have you feel confident in your life and passionate about each day. If you want more info about personal and professional coaching head over to my coaching page.


I am really excited to enter this next chapter of Dirt in Your Skirt, continue with the podcast and create more “trailside real talk chats” on a more consistent¬†basis. Let me know what you think about the evolving mission statement and do you have your own personal life mission statement?