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Posted on June 28, 2016 by Margaret Schlachter

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Forgiveness it is a word, a feeling, an action, and more. Forgiveness, self-love, and empathy all have a way of working together to create a better, happier version of ourselves. In our polarized world of today forgiveness, self-love, and empathy are often sorely lacking in our day-to-day world. According to Psychology Today:

The Nature of Forgiveness

Mustering up genuine compassion for those who have wronged us, instead of allowing¬†anger toward them to eat away at us, is the course of action recommended by most psychologists…¬†

Recently a wave of empathy and quest for greater self-love has washed over my being. A strong current that has found myself seeking out former friendships, experiences, and places. In each of these experiences, the first step has been to look at the situation that seems to hold so much of my mind space. I take the time to sit with it, feel it, replay the emotions related to the memory or place. In the case of people I take the time to think about the person, the impact on my life and the lessons I learned from that individual both the positives and negatives. Once sitting with the feeling, the memory of the emotion the process of forgiveness starts. Thus the healing starts.

So that’s all pretty abstract but for in the last year or so I have felt a deep need to reconnect with people, places, and memories. This realization has come about after long bouts of meditation, contemplation, and thought.

Over the past six years since beginning Dirt in Your Skirt life has certainly changed. In the beginning, I put the sport and races above everything else, seriously everything. Now it’s about finding a balance place, maybe this is because I have moved past the athlete point in my career and work in OCR as a profession either way I have found myself wanting to connect again with people, places, and things I pushed aside for so long.

Where does forgiveness come in?

Part of the process of reconnecting has also been a process of forgiveness. I realized that I needed to forgive people in some cases for my actions or absence in their lives. Sometimes I was able to meet up with the person or revisit the place in which needed healing. Other times it was about making a change of conscienceness. Sending my forgiveness out into the universe.

More recently, that concept of sending forgiveness out into the universe was brought into focus after listening to a podcast on recall healing. I unknowingly had been practicing some of these techniques. I found even just sending my intentions out into the world I was becoming a calmer person.

Slowly, I find myself working through the past traumas in friendships, relationships, and memories, as I sit with them either in person or just in my mind and seek forgiveness for our past transgressions.

I accept it, thank it, then release it and whatever trauma I was holding onto out into the world and let fate take hold of the future.