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Hey You at the Gym

Posted on December 31, 2015 by Margaret Schlachter


Photo Credit: Get Your Fit Together

Photo Credit: Get Your Fit Together


Hey, you at the gym, yeah you… it’s the first, and you made the resolution to get fit in 2016. You are the one wandering around the gym, not knowing anyone, not knowing the unspoken rules of the particular gym you decided to join. Some of us are here each day working away, silently grinding it out on the other 364 days of the year.


You aren’t wearing the right clothes; you don’t know how to lift the weight or use the machine. You are blocking my stair stepper, treadmill, weight rack, etc… Most people will call you an annoyance and will be secretly placing bets at how long you stick around. We have seen your kind come and go; we see you at the park running or on the trails clogging up the single track. You will get that up and down glance from some of us around you and yeah some of us laugh behind your back at your inability to use our favorite machine and we do call you a newb.

The thing is… you did it.

You are here.

You made it to the gym, trail, etc.

You took the first step in a very long process and a very hard one. You made a commitment to yourself in 2016. You took the second step, by actually joining a gym and then actually walked in the doors. You might not know how to use the machines, how to lift the weights, but the point is you are here! You are doing it! We all secretly want you to succeed even if we don’t admit it!

You have embarked on a great journey; it’s only the beginning. The thing most of us regulars forget is that at one time we were YOU. Yes you! We were new; we had to learn the ropes.

We didn’t always wear the right clothing, have the right shoes, and all that non-sense. We weren’t always the strongest, fastest, or best in the class. We just forgot along the way how hard the beginning can be. We became callous and jaded to the fight and courage it takes to even walk in the door.

As you enter your new journey into fitness, or are rediscovering a path you once were on, the first thing to remember is… it is hard work. The beginning stages are hard, but it is even harder to stay on track and keep coming back day after day. Many people have started the same journey you are on only to be fall short. But you can do it! I see it in you, you want it. You can stay on this journey. You joined for a reason, I don’t pretend to know your reason, but I am here to help. So are many others. We are willing and excited to help show you around or answer a question.

You are awesome, and you are on your way. 

Welcome to the world of fitness.

Look forward to seeing you here more!

We are happy to have you!



Inspired by a good friend Flint’s famous post: Hey, Fat Girl.