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Valentine’s Day… The BEST day

Posted on February 14, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Great now that all the single people are gone we can rejoice in all the great things that Valentine’s Day represents. I am not talking about the chocolate, the jewelry, the cards or really any of that crap because in the end it’s just stuff and crap.

No, the great part about today is freedom is given to be utterly and completely open about how much you love your significant other. You can gush all day about them and it’s acceptable at least to others in relationships, the singles might walk away. But all kidding aside it is a chance to take a day and reflect on your love. A chance to reflect on all the things you love about each other.

Really the best thing about a relationship is being able to share life. It’s knowing you have a person who loves you and wants to share their experiences with you as much as you do with them. It’s the comfort that you are not in this alone and have backup. It’s the way they make you smile and laugh. Simply it’s the you and I moments.