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Where Has the Writing Gone

Posted on January 27, 2014 by Margaret Schlachter

I can’t lie the last year the writing on Dirt in Your Skirt has suffered. Long gone are the days of a new post everyday. Sorry about that to all those who read it daily, and huge thank you to you who did! But today my writing has extended out beyond just this website.

My writing gigs now include:

About.com – Obstacle & Extreme Racing Expert – articles include everything about the sport (Still being built)

FitnessRX for Women Online – Dirty Girl Weekly Column – topics include training and nutrition

Mud & Obstacle Magazine – Contributing Editor – articles in upcoming issues of the print magazine

Gaspari Nutrition  – Athlete Page – topics include training and racing


So many may ask where does that leave Dirt in Your Skirt. Well the future of the main website will be reserved for industry news, gear reviews, and information about races and race reports. Don’t worry we aren’t going anywhere and in the next couple of weeks will announce new ambassadors to the team, new challenges and continue athlete profiles in the industry.


Also if you haven’t already check out my upcoming book, Obstacle Race Training available for pre-order. It came out better than I could have imagined. Once it is out look for special promotions for Dirt in Your Skirt readers. Thanks again for supporting the site and keeping it going.