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Dirt in Your Skirt Mugs Are Here

Posted on July 2, 2018 by Margaret Schlachter

Dirt in Your Skirt Mugs are officially available today! For the last two months, I have been working with the women at Mean Mugs Pottery here in Salt Lake City, Utah to craft a truly unique Dirt in Your Skirt mug.

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After my first meeting with the owners Jessica and Judy, I knew they were the best company to work with. Not only are they a small women-owned business but also let me be part of every step of the creation process. Jessica, Judy, and their studio manager Avery have created a product I am so proud to offer to you all!

We spent time not only talking about the shape of the mug but also the details like the Dirt in Your Skirt fire logo on the thumb rest to signify the fire used in the glazing process. At the base of each handcrafted handle is a mug representing the hands that went into making the mug.

On the bottom, we created a special mean mugs stamp to represent these women owned companies working together. Every mug has the initials of the initial potter who made the mug, although in truth all mugs are touched by all three women in the process.

Finally, we handpicked glazes to represent the elements of Dirt in Your Skirt, from the campfire coals red to the deep water blue. We have eight different colors for you to choose from and unique half dip styles to show off the earthiness of the process.

Each Mug has over an hour of hands-on love and work put into it. You will literally feel the difference in each sip using the mug. Tomorrow we will be releasing the podcast, episode 112, with Jessica and Judy and shortly after that we will have a short documentary coming out about the entire process and Mean Mugs Pottery.

The Dirt in Your Skirt Mugs are available at our shop online and I will ship them globally. Because of the production process, we have limited quantities of each color so if you see one you like don’t delay in picking yours up!

See the Gallery Below

Deep Water Blue

Mossy Trail Half Dip

Campfire Coals Red

Floating Teal Half Dip

Smokey Charcoal (matte finish)

Midnight Trail Half Dip


Each mug is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and if inclined you can even pop yours into the freezer for a frosty beverage. All the mugs are for sale now on our shop and I can’t wait to send you yours!