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Posted on October 22, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

Did you know each week I write a post on my Gaspari Nutrition Blog? I share tips on training, product reviews, and sometimes crazy recipes finding new ways to add protein to my diet. Check out my blog from October and earlier. Each week I’ll making a post with the link to my Gaspari Blog. Check out my posts there. I honestly couldn’t workout without their products. The Aminolast and Glycofuse are my two favorites and have been staples to get me through recent workouts.

Check out my – Killing Afternoon Cravings post – for a great no bake cookie recipe. I love all things ginger and this recipe helped me while unpacking.

It’s October and October means Beast Cancer Awareness month, why I added Chicago to my otherwise packed race schedule this year – Wearing Pink post.

Most recently, why even an old dog can learn new tricks. Starting out at UTE CrossFit here in Utah and what I am learning about starting new workout routines – Starting a New Gym – CrossFit Style.

Check out the newest Gaspari Blog in the next couple of days. They help to fuel me from adventure to adventure!