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Mean Mugs Documentary

Posted on July 6, 2018 by Margaret Schlachter

I have been talking about Mean Mugs Pottery a lot recently on the podcast, my socials, and everywhere in between. Why? Simply because the Dirt in Your Skirt Mug project I just finished up with them has been so much more than just creating some merchandise. Over the last two months, I have come to love the women behind the company. I have documented the process of creating the Dirt in Your Skirt Mugs and have a deep appreciation for the hard work and love that goes into each mug.

There is something magical about a handmade product. Something tangible you can feel deep in your soul when you use something someone made. It’s like when you have a kid create a drawing for you. The subject doesn’t matter because the love behind it can be felt. Watching the process of the Dirt in Your Skirt Mugs has been incredible. Judy and Jessica recently joined the podcast (Episode 112) and discussed their mission, company, and more. This short 5-minute documentary showcases the process from start to finish.

Hope you enjoy!


Rarely in life do you get to work with another company that so aligns with your own mission and passions. Mean Mugs Pottery is one of those company’s they are mission based and creating modern heirlooms you will love for years to come. I hope you get your own Dirt in Your Skirt Mug and it becomes your favorite mug.

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