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More than Just About You

Posted on November 15, 2012 by Margaret Schlachter

When I first started Dirt in Your Skirt I was told by a family member I should make the blog more than just about me. Writing a blog is more often than not a narcissistic practice, we talk about our lives and what we are doing or have accomplished. However, this practice can often leave a void, one which appears over time. So the seed was planted in my head and for the past year I have been on the search for the right charitable organization to partner with.

One would think finding a charitable organization is easy, there are thousands upon thousands of them in the world. However, finding one that fits I found is much harder. There was the one that didn’t return emails, another saying they support girls running but not on trails or in obstacle course races, they was another which is such a huge organization that it just didn’t fit. At times I felt like story of the three bears.

This year long search has come to an end. Recently, I was introduced to an organization founded called Fast and Female. After trading emails and some additional conversations it seemed that this organization would be a perfect fit for me. The organization has deep roots in Nordic Skiing, founded by Chandra Crawford and teammates from National Cross-Country Ski Team in 2005. I am the first athlete which does not have a national team listed in their resume and am an Ambassador along side some amazing women. However, Fast and Female see the potential of Obstacle Course Racing decided to take a chance on me, and me on them being mostly a Canadian organization but looking to grow.

About Fast and Female:


“Fast and Female presented by Best Buy is dedicated to the empowerment through sport of young women ages 9 to 19. 

With an emphasis on cross-country skiing, biathlon and complimentary summer enduro- sports, Fast and Female hosts events led by athletic champions who serve as healthy role models and inspire girls to gain the confidence and leadership they need to reach their full potential in life and sports. In parallel, Fast and Female educates parents, coaches, and sports leaders to ensure they foster the most supportive environment for their young female athletes.”


At Fast and Female presented by Best Buy, we work and play by the following values:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Truth
  • Openness


In everything we do, our mantras are to:

  • Spread the love: Get as many girls hooked on a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Dominate the world: Rejoice in the possibility of being leaders in all we do

After much searching I am proud to be able to make Dirt in Your Skirt more than just about me and to be an Ambassador for Fast and Female. I cannot wait to help out with some of their events in the future and happy to help engage and inspire the next generation to get into and stay in sports to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Because sometimes giving back is the most rewarding thing you can do.